A major by-election victory!

The Conservative Party have won a notable victory in Tottington (Bury), where they overturned a previous Labour victory to win with a 22 point lead. I don’t think this is the Corbynmania swing Labour were hoping for…


Obviously, we’ve not been winning all the recent by-elections, and one election victory doesn’t create a rule. Just yesterday Labour increased their vote (by 2 points) in their stronghold of Northfield Brook in Oxford Council. However, the elections we need to be winning across the country are in marginals, and in this one we’ve achieved a thumping victory!

Overall on Thursday, we won 5 of the 6 local by-elections, increasing our majority in 4 of them.

Thomas has been a supporter of the Conservatives all his political life. A member of the party since May 2012, he has served as chairman of the University of East Anglia’s Conservative Future branch and stood for Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council in 2013 and Bromley Borough Council the following year. Follow him on Twitter: @Thomas_Stringer

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