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Corbyn won… And then set out the details of his suicide mission

From his interview on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn is emboldened. Now Corybnism will be unleashed in all its glory as the limp Blairites and moderates of the party lay defeated and despairing. Corbyn has handed out an olive branch to his colleagues, but […]

by × September 26, 2016 ×


The Brexit bounce: Positive economic indicators defy the cynics

The Brexit bounce: Positive economic indicators defy the cynics

Economists everywhere are busy trying to read the tea leaves amidst the sound of screeching U-turns. The Brexit bounce continues apace. All the talk of immediate financial meltdown has proven to be hysterical nonsense. Economists looking for data to back up their claims have found the figures to show robust […]

by × September 23, 2016 ×


Brexit must be carefully engineered: Why there will be no “bonfire of regulations”

Brexit must be carefully engineered: Why there will be no “bonfire of regulations”

EEF report: Brexit must be carefully-engineered to safeguard industry and secure new trade opportunities A new report out today from EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, and Squire Patton Boggs, the global law firm, spells out manufacturers’ key priorities for the upcoming Brexit negotiations and urges the Government to avoid rushing through […]

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Young Pioneer salute during their school fest in Kemerovo, Eastern Siberia, 1979. The Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union, also Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization was a mass youth organization of the USSR for children of age 10–15 in the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1991.
B&W negative film 35mm.

Momentum Kids: Political education for the Corbyn youth (It’s not weird)

Momentum Kids has been trending on Twitter, but why all the fuss? Two women from Stroud have decided to tackle an issue with childcare which is preventing mothers from being politically engaged and active. The idea is to have crèches for political meetings and conferences thereby encouraging the attendance of […]

by × September 20, 2016 ×


The complete idiot’s guide to liberty

The complete idiot’s guide to liberty

Liberty – The primary political value Travellers to this country in centuries gone by used to marvel at the Englishman’s remarkable love of liberty. Indeed, it was our defining characteristic. “I am in a country which scarcely resembles the rest of Europe. England is passionately fond of liberty, and every individual […]

by × September 18, 2016 ×

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We must address the underachievement of boys in education

Boys are falling behind in education and the problem can no longer be ignored. There is a gender gap in education. New government figures have revealed that 50.46 percent of boys have failed to meet the new, tougher standard in their SAT exams. As alarming as this is, it is […]

by × September 7, 2016 ×


The #marchforeurope was an hysterical act of mass sycophancy

“Hey EU, don’t make it bad, sing a sad song, and make it better”. Yes, during the march for Europe the protesters sang “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, replacing the word “Jude” with “EU”. This is all very amusing, but also utterly cringeworthy. They have pinned all of their gushing […]

by × September 6, 2016 ×

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We should guarantee the rights of EU  nationals living in the UK. Now.

We should guarantee the rights of EU
nationals living in the UK. Now.

Sometimes a nation has to set a good example and do the right thing, the moral thing. Although we need all the bargaining chips and leverage we can get for what will inevitably be extremely challenging negotiations with the EU as we seek an exit settlement; we shouldn’t toy with […]

by × September 1, 2016 ×


The SNP would have bankrupted an
“independent” Scotland

During the Scottish referendum campaign, the SNP claimed that an independent Scotland would be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Many Nationalists fervently believed it. Not only that, they became convinced that the other nations of the Union were leeching off Scotland. Scotland wasn’t subsidised, it was subsidising […]

by × August 25, 2016 ×


The grammar school debate exposes
Left wing hypocrisy

The mere suggestion that the Government may repeal the ban on new grammar schools has sent Left wingers into meltdown. The arguments against are dubious. It is foolish to use evidence based on the tiny amount of grammars left – oversubscribed, narrowly rationed and dominated by the middle class – […]

by × August 20, 2016 ×


How will the Corbynite revolution be funded?

Idealism can be dangerous and it is not always a virtue; especially in the mind of stubborn old school socialist who has barely altered his rigid ideology in forty years. So while thousands of socialists, idealists and naïve Lefties pin their hopes on Jeremy Corbyn and see only the benevolence […]

by × August 18, 2016 ×

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5 reasons the sugar tax is a bad idea

5 reasons the sugar tax is a bad idea

1. It won’t work. Advocates of the sugar tax often point to Mexico as a prime example, but the tax has had a negligible effect on obesity and calorie intake, which is the primary purpose of the levy. The link being drawn between decreased sugar consumption and the tax being […]

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