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The Gender Pay Gap is a hazy memory, Theresa

The Gender Pay Gap is a hazy memory, Theresa

The Seventies brought us Grease, Chicago and The Equal Pay Act. Ever since then, us ladies have been bopping along to Summer Nights, All That Jazz and the sweet sound of a income that is equal to that of a male employee employed by the same company doing the same […]

by × May 21, 2017 ×


Have Yourself a Merryless Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Merryless Little Christmas

The last person who was as intent on banning fun as today’s  left wingers was Oliver Cromwell. Whereas he thought it was a sin to celebrate Christmas by singing and eating too much and essentially made England into a giant naughty corner where civilians would sit and mull their unChristian […]

by × December 24, 2016 ×

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Modern-day witch hunts: Saying you’re not a
feminist is like confessing to worshipping Satan

If you don’t like Sex and the City then you’re dumb, I hate you, and you have no place on this planet. That statement is about as meaningful and useful as saying ‘I’m totally a Charlotte’, however, just change the words ‘Sex and the City’ to ‘Feminism’ and you’ve got […]

by × August 5, 2016 ×

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Tories 4 Feminism? No, no, no.

Let’s take three completely related facts. Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are the final two in the Conservative Leadership election. Consequently the next leader of the Conservative Party and next Prime Minister will be a Woman. This is not due to feminism. Ever since it became clear that a woman […]

by × July 10, 2016 ×

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Warning: This may offend you!

Warning: This may offend you!

It used to be expected that as a student you may have to confront ideas that you may not agree with. But more specifically, as a law student, this should have been de rigeur. Courts are confrontational and the details of many cases most people would find hard to bear. […]

by × April 5, 2016 ×


Yetis, unicorns and the gender pay gap

Last week I was delighted to find, published in the Guardian of all places, a commentary stating that as of November 9th, we women are effectively working for free until the New Year. In order to illustrate the point the article was accompanied by a great vintage photo of the […]

by × November 17, 2015 ×