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Remoaners will cry wolf every step of the way

Remoaners will cry wolf every step of the way

Michael Gove’s infamous pre-referendum declaration that the public were “sick of experts” was leaped upon by his opponents, and ridiculed as an admission that, what turned out to be the most Britons that have ever voted for anything, were unwilling to listen to reason. The received wisdom being that silly […]

by × January 12, 2017 ×


Permission to speak Mrs Blair?

It may be trite to point out that recent events have opened the eyes of a bemused political elite; but it’s only a matter of time before the temporarily extended Overton window, is slammed in the faces of the dissenting hoi polloi. MPs that seek re-election in 2020 are cognisant […]

by × December 6, 2016 ×


Are the masses too stupid to know what’s good for them?

If Brexit was a wakeup call for the authoritarian Left, their attempts to frustrate the process reveals a latent grogginess, as they repeatedly hit the snooze button. Our friends across the pond, with their typically audacious MO, have opted for an even louder alarm with flashing lights and a vexatious […]

by × November 20, 2016 ×