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Foreign & Defence

Give British overseas territories proper representation

Give British overseas territories proper representation

During the campaign to leave the European Union a lot was said about strengthening ties with our Anglosphere cousins across the globe. Autonomously, we can now press ahead with those sought after free trade agreements with the rest of the world including the emerging countries like India with their 2.1billion […]

by × March 10, 2017 ×


Look beyond the EU; the world is our market

Look beyond the EU; the world is our market

Contrary to what Tim Farron says, the European Union is not the be all and end all; there is a whole planet beyond the Europe. A planet with growing markets across all four corners of the map. When we free ourselves from the shackles of the worlds only shrinking trade bloc […]

by × January 11, 2017 ×


The Labour Party is a threat to democracy.
Its members must sack Corbyn.

Imagine you hired someone to work for you and they were dreadful at carrying out their duties. Well, there is always someone else willing to do a better job. Your government is much the same.   When the incumbents are doing a rubbish job, you can sack them. Britons sacked James […]

by × September 5, 2016 ×

Leftwatch, Scotland

The SNP’s scathing attack on social mobility

The death of social mobility. Imagine the horror if one day you received a letter in the post informing you that you had secured a place at university. You are the first in your working class family to go into higher education and with three or four years of hard work, revising […]

by × August 9, 2016 ×