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HMP Maghaberry is a national disgrace

Maghaberry is a place where every prison cliché comes to life. Set in the bleak countryside atop a former RAF airfield about twenty miles from Belfast, you can’t help but be filled with a great sense of foreboding as you approach. Walking from the visitors’ car park the full complex […]

by × December 21, 2016 ×

Conservatism, Liberty

What is the Conservative Party, anyway?

What is the Conservative Party, anyway?

I could answer that question straight up and say, it’s been my life for 11 years. For a third of the time I’m been on this planet I’ve been a member. And not just one of those people who pays their membership and turns up to an occasional dinner when […]

by × December 20, 2016 ×


Words didn’t matter, the American Dream did

Words didn’t matter, the American Dream did

I’ve never really considered America a foreign country. So ingrained is that place in our popular culture that, growing up, you could never really think of it as a place apart. And maybe it’s not. After all, when the colonists unilaterally declared independence in 1776 they had a great deal […]

by × November 10, 2016 ×


A post-war consensus, without the war

I realised something suddenly while in the DUP’s prosecco and orange juice reception yesterday. Looking around the room I barely recognised anyone. In fact, other than personal friends, I knew more of the travelling DUP contingent present than any of the Tories. None of the Tories there you ever see […]

by × October 5, 2016 ×


Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant: Meet Alexander Adamescu at September’s Pint and Patter

Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant: Meet Alexander Adamescu at September’s Pint and Patter

The European Arrest Warrant exists, in theory, to enable the extradition of suspected criminals across European borders. But in reality extradition is being used to pursue political vendettas against innocent parties who will in turn be subjected to judicial processes that fall far beneath the standards of our own. In […]

by × September 22, 2016 ×

Education, Leftwatch

The binary approach of socialists to education, and life

Eternal Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is incensed by the idea of grammar schools making a comeback. Despite a lot of evidence to demonstrate the widespread and catastrophic failure of the comprehensive system when it comes to meeting basic educational criteria, Corbyn, who once got divorced because his wife wanted send […]

by × September 12, 2016 ×


Seven ways feminists want to  have their cake and eat it too

Seven ways feminists want to
have their cake and eat it too

Third-wave feminists are well known for telling everyone how strong they are and then hiding behind special treatment provided under the guise of ‘equality’. Here are seven ways that the Member of Parliament for Shipley was absolutely spot on when he said that feminists wanted women to have their cake […]

by × August 17, 2016 ×


The problem with Gary Johnson

In an election dominated by the real life basis for the character of Claire Underwood and a candidate whose unsuitability for office is beyond doubt, it’s hard to take a serious interest far beyond guessing how gargantuan Clinton’s margin of victory will be. But with rumours abounding that Mitt Romney […]

by × July 31, 2016 ×

Conservatism, Liberty

What the hell does One Nation mean anyway?

What the hell does One Nation mean anyway?

Ed Miliband claimed to be it. Ken Clarke’s always been it. Thatcher once used it and now Theresa May’s at it as well. But what the hell is it? To find out, you’re best starting with a novel written in 1845 by an obscure author, part-time man-about-town and full-time dandy […]

by × July 30, 2016 ×

Economic, Leftwatch

Equality of outcome? I’m not sure that
means what you think it means.

Owen Smith has launched his twenty-point policy plan, in what appears to be an attempt to renounce his previous membership of Baader-Blairite, win over the lunatic majority that now make up the Labour membership and to make the Labour party a ‘credible’ opposition. Not only does this demonstrate Smith’s journeyman […]

by × July 28, 2016 ×

Foreign Affairs

Erdogan’s 1916 moment

If Recip Tayyip Erdogan didn’t stage the attempted coup against him last Friday then he is certainly is making the most of the opportunity it has presented to him. In the week since elements of the army and air force launched what appeared on the face of it to be […]

by × July 23, 2016 ×

Leftwatch, Northern Ireland

The circle virt over Loyalist bonfires
is wholly counterproductive

To those of us who sit on the right of the political spectrum the raging, aggressive, hostile and inherently leftist consensus that seems to exist across social media is the source of considerable amusement. Online unanimity, or onimity, if you’re the sort of person who likes a buzzword, can take […]

by × July 16, 2016 ×