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The EU youth vote: Your grandparents are right

The EU youth vote: Your grandparents are right

Approaching the referendum on restoring our democracy, as the EU referendum might better be called, much has been made, and much of it in a thoroughly patronising manner, of the so-called youth vote. If they come out to vote, we’re told, the UK will remain shackled to the EU. If […]

by × May 24, 2016 ×

Capitalism, Liberty, Northern Ireland

Uber meets its match – Belfast.

Uber meets its match – Belfast.

William, I’d guess, was about 50.  In the 10  minutes we spent together our conversation was essentially limited to one subject – but I gathered that he had driven taxis for a good few years. He owned his own taxi and the business that went with it, and knew everything […]

by × January 19, 2016 ×

Health & Environment

Sally Davies risks exacerbating
her ‘obesity crisis’

I used to be quite fat. So fat in-fact, that I had two chins and the backside the size of a terraced house. Losing weight was difficult and took a very long time. I’m not going to go into details because that’s not what you’re here for, but one thing’s […]

by × December 15, 2015 ×

Foreign & Defence

MPs during a Eurosceptic amendment vote expressing regret that the Government had not included an EU referendum Bill in the Queen's Speech, which won the support of 130 MPs tonight, in the House of Commons, London.

Should MPs vote in favour of bombing Syria?

There is to be a one-day Commons debate and vote on Wednesday over UK air strikes against Islamic State in Syria. This is a debate about whether MPs should endorse the prime minster’s strategy and vote in favour of commencing air strikes in Syria. Yes – Neil Wilson When we […]

by × December 1, 2015 ×

Health & Environment

Don’t touch my bacon

Don’t touch my bacon

One by one, the World Health Organisation is chipping away at life’s small pleasures. First they came for tobacco, which very few people cared about because it didn’t smell very nice. Then they came for sugar, which people are only lukewarm about because of its association with big ‘nasty’ companies […]

by × October 27, 2015 ×

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Smoke gets in your eyes

Smoke gets in your eyes

The very first episode of Mad Men is probably the best. Confronted with stacks of evidence that smoking may be quite bad for you, and a wave of government regulations that are about render the entire Lucky Strike marketing strategy completely useless, the executives of Sterling Cooper attempt to find […]

by × October 11, 2015 ×

Conservatism, Featured

Neil Wilson: Why I am a Conservative

Neil Wilson: Why I am a Conservative

I’m not quite sure what my 16-year-old self would think of me now. That chippy, attitude-laden young man who lived for Linfield games, cider, young females, hard trance and pretty much anything but school would no doubt wonder where it had all gone wrong. “You hate authority”, he might ask; […]

by × August 19, 2015 ×

Northern Ireland

“I’m just out for a pint of milk”: A Sunday in North Belfast

“I’m just out for a pint of milk”: A Sunday
in North Belfast

Sunday mornings are fairly quiet affairs in Belfast at the best of times but yesterday it was even more so. From early on in the day a ring of steel was formed around Royal Avenue as the PSNI moved in to enforce a Parades Commission determination relating to the route […]

by × August 10, 2015 ×

Economic, Northern Ireland

Stormont’s ridiculous transport policy got me fined

Stormont’s ridiculous transport policy
got me fined

A few days ago I returned home from a hard couple of days creating wealth over the water to find a typically large pile of post waiting for me. Sifting through the usual bank statements, bills and special offers my eyes focussed on a manila envelope with an Omagh post […]

by × August 1, 2015 ×

Events, Northern Ireland

CfL NI Launch

CfL NI Launch

CfL in Northern Ireland is officially up and running after our launch at the Ulster Reform Club last week. With over 60 people attending and lots of sound conversations taking place, some people were even heard to say that this was the best political event they’d attended in a long […]

by × July 31, 2015 ×

Northern Ireland

Saving for when you’re sick? Not as daft as it sounds.

Saving for when you’re sick? Not as daft
as it sounds.

I went on Radio Ulster on Tuesday to discuss Conservative not-quite-plans to change the way sick leave is paid for. There wasn’t much detail to go on. Just a mooted idea from Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, that had apparently received the nod from the Prime Minister, to […]

by × July 18, 2015 ×

Liberty, Northern Ireland

Liberty is Northern Ireland’s only hope

Liberty is Northern Ireland’s only hope

In his infamous 1944 work, The Road to Serfdom, FA Hayek warned of the dangers of continuing with war time levels of planning and state control when peace finally arrived. To continue in this war time vein, he claimed, would restrict the freedom of the individual and ultimately, the economic […]

by × July 3, 2015 ×