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Mr Brexit? Trump is the antithesis of the Leave vote

Donald Trump likens his movement to the Leave campaign yet his parochial, anti-trade message is the antithesis of the Brexit spirit Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election is the biggest political upset since, well, only June as it happens. A completely unexpected result, Trump’s victory has been likened to […]

by × November 13, 2016 ×


Debate: Should parliament have a vote on Article 50?

Debate: Should parliament have a vote on Article 50?

No – Chris Manby Judges in the High Court ruled this morning that the government must consult Parliament before invoking Article 50 and triggering Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Since a majority of MPs backed the Remain campaign during the referendum, Leave campaigners have good reason to smell a […]

by × November 3, 2016 ×


Labour’s real problem? Britons don’t want socialism

Labour will today elect their new leader, or more likely, the old one. Far from unseating Jeremy Corbyn, the coup, vote of no confidence, and Owen Smith’s leadership challenge, have merely served to galvanise the membership, all of whom overwhelmingly seem to back the right honourable member for Islington North. […]

by × September 24, 2016 ×