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Protestors tried to silence Yaron Brook for the crime of being Israeli

Protestors tried to silence Yaron Brook for the crime of being Israeli

Stephen Hoffman is the Campaign Executive for We Believe in Israel but is speaking here in a personal capacity. For those who believe in an educated debate about Israel on universities, including the right for people to hear freely Israeli speakers free from initimidation, last week was incredibly depressing. It started […]

by × October 31, 2016 ×

Economic, Liberty

Sundays should be open for business

As someone who believes in the free market and wants Britain to be open for business, I was delighted to hear the news that the Government will be allowing local councils to extend trading hours on Sundays, through introducing amendments to the Enterprise Bill, which will allow changes to be […]

by × February 14, 2016 ×


Gagged by Facebook

Social media has generally been a force for good when it comes to free speech. It has allowed individuals across the word to express their opinion, support a cause or speak out against brutal regimes, as we saw with the Egyptian social media revolution against Mubarak. However, there is a […]

by × February 11, 2016 ×


Reflections on the Charlie Hebdo attack one year on

One year ago on this very day brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi – on behalf of al-Qaida’s branch in the Arabian Peninsula – burst into Charlie Hebdo’s offices in eastern Paris and killed 12 people, including eight of the magazine’s staff. The crime of the defiantly left-wing, anti-racist, secularist publication was to insult, […]

by × January 6, 2016 ×


I disapprove of what you say…
therefore I will deny your right to say it

In my previous blog I highlighted how many University societies led by the NUS were failing to challenge Islamist views, and instead trying to ban anyone who had the temerity to challenge an ideology that would take us back to the dark ages. Sadly when it comes to freedom of […]

by × November 1, 2015 ×


Forgive us our Trespasses:
The moral case for choice and responsibility

Conservatives for Liberty are holding a lobby evening on Wednesday 25th November called Forgive us our Trespasses: The moral case for choice and responsibility. This event gives you the opportunity to hear from a number of MPs about why they believe in individual choice, and to ask them any pressing […]

by × October 23, 2015 ×


We cannot let Islamism
destroy free speech

‘If people like me who fled an Islamist regime can’t speak out about my opposition to the far-right Islamic Movement, if I can’t criticise Islam that leaves me very few options for me as a dissenter because the only thing I have is my freedom of expression. If anyone is […]

by × October 3, 2015 ×


Forgive us our trespasses: The moral case for choice and responsibility

Forgive us our trespasses: The moral case
for choice and responsibility

Last week the Royal Society for Public Health in its ingenious wisdom decided it would be a fabulous idea not just to ban smoking inside pubs, but pub gardens, as well. Not content with that, though, it would also like to ban smoking in al fresco eating restaurants, parks and outside gates. This does beg the […]

by × August 23, 2015 ×


Event tickets: Corporatism in action

Event tickets: Corporatism in action

I for one was glad to see a Conservative Majority Government on May 8, 2015. It meant, after years of having to compromise to the whims of the anti-business Business Secretary Vince Cable, a majority Conservative Government presented a clean slate to push the values that I am proud Conservatives […]

by × July 2, 2015 ×

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Plain packaging is plain madness

Plain packaging is plain madness

By Stephen Hoffman Plain packaging is a policy that would force shopkeepers across the UK to hide cigarettes in metal boxes and with all the packaging plain. No cigarettes would be branded and there would be no trademarks. In short all cigarettes would look drearily the same. As part of […]

by × April 7, 2013 ×