#BaharMustafa proves why free speech is
for everyone

Three things immediately sprung to mind when I heard racist, sexist, ‘feminist’ twitter troll Bahar Mustafa had been charged with sending a ‘threatening communication’.

First thought: This is brilliant! The irritating lefty bint has finally been hoist on her own petard, like a Bond villain killed by his own death-ray.

Second thought: Hang on a minute, this is actually all a bit sinister. I mean, she was arrested for a TWEET!?

Third thought: She’s clearly a massive idiot. But being a massive idiot shouldn’t be enough on its own to get you arrested.

Mustafa is the ‘Welfare and Diversity Officer’ at Goldsmiths, University of London. This title lets you know right away that you are dealing with a self-righteous, militant social justice warrior for whom straight white males are to be warded off like the demon Pazuzu in ‘The Exorcist’.

She gained a certain notoriety when it emerged she had organised gender-segregated events on her university campus, and sparked outrage when she tweeted the #killallwhitemen hashtag earlier this year.

When pressed about her actions, she replied that she “cannot be racist or sexist to white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender”. Clearly the arresting officers disagreed.

Miss Mustafa is a perfect advertisement for not going to university. She is white but identifies as a “person of colour”. She is opposed to free speech on the grounds that it might offend minorities and women. She has a nose piercing for Christ’s sake. Obviously she is a rather deranged individual. I fully expect her to be given a Guardian column.

But free speech is for everyone. If Bahar Mustafa is entitled to it then so are Maryam Namazie, Paul Weston, Robert Spencer, Marine le Pen and Dapper Laughs. Freedom-averse politically correct types like Miss Mustafa may disagree, but that only makes it more important to defend the principle.

Standing up for someone else’s right to say dumb things on the internet is not about acting magnanimously or being nice (shame on you, Raheem). It is about proving people like Mustafa wrong. Either you’re for free speech or you’re not. It’s that simple.

Freedom of speech has been eroded to the point of meaningless in recent years. Hate speech laws have criminalised whole swathes of public opinion. Bans on ‘extremist‘ views elevate security over freedom. The left have generally opposed the latter whilst gleefully cheering on the former.

In our universities, smug young lefties ban ‘sexist’ music and ‘no platform’ people they deem to be ‘racist’. So-called ‘safe spaces’ – where precious little flowers can hide from nasty people who don’t hold the same opinions they do – are all the rage on campus.

Students have been cut off from dangerous ideas, which surely defies the whole point of university.

To the politically correct, free speech is dangerous. To speak freely is to think freely. If people can think freely then they might think dangerous thoughts. So free speech has to go. “Liberty is precious”, argued Lenin. “So precious it must be carefully rationed”.

This is the mindset that informs people like Bahar Mustafa. You do not challenge it by playing by their rules.

These people have no qualms using the oppressive, patriarchial bourgeois justice system to prosecute people for holding incorrect opinions on immigration, Islam, feminism or social justice. But they will no doubt screech for Mustafa’s release. By doing so they expose themselves as absurd hypocrites. We on the other hand are being consistent. We believe in free speech. They don’t.

Mustafa was clearly not trying to incite violence. #Killallwhitemen was a childish social media stunt on a par with the satirical hashtag #pissforequality – which some feminists have rather unfortunately taken seriously. It was not an incitement to go out and kill white men.

It was a stupid thing to say, but being stupid should not be a crime. If it were, anyone who still voted Labour would be behind bars.

Free speech isn’t a commodity to be rationed out to groups we like and withheld from people we don’t. It’s a Pastor Niemoller thing. After all, if we stay silent now, what will we say when the police break down our doors because some twitter warrior reported us for saying something ‘offensive’?

Laugh at her. Call her an ‘insane feminazi’. Poke fun at her insane comments on twitter. I know I do. So do plenty of others. Are we to fear the knock at the door as well?

Chris has been a member of the Conservative Party since 2010. He believes strongly in individual freedom, personal responsibility, and the power of free markets to eliminate poverty by encouraging wealth creation. Follow him on Twitter: @cjmanby1989

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