Black Lives Matter thinks the weather is racist

Black Lives Matter UK’s protest against the climate shows how vacuous their movement really is

“Today we are saying that the climate crisis is a racist crisis. On the one hand Britain is the biggest contributor per capita to global temperature change. It is also one of the least vulnerable to the effects of climate change. On the other hand, seven of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change are in sub-Saharan Africa.”


Edgy transatlantic outfit Black Lives Matter have been officially downgraded to ‘outright loons’ after a video revealed the bizarre motive behind their latest prank at London’s City Airport.

The irksome fabricators of phantom racism are claiming their stunt, in which nine stooges blocked one of the runways to prevent a plane (and its wealthy, supposedly all-white passengers) from departing, was to bring the bigoted nature of air pollution and the “climate crisis” to our attention.

Black Lives Matter present anthropogenic global warming as a Trojan Horse against coloured people: a clandestine, James Bond-esque weapon of genocide unleashed to whitewash planet Earth. Presumably, this transcendent contraption can single out its victims and smite them from the sky with pinpoint accuracy. It’s the most ambitious climate theory since God-botherers blamed flooding on gay marriage.

Now, most people are aware that the environment is more or less uncontrollable and indiscriminate: it cannot be programmed to hit precise ‘targets’, it doesn’t have a mind of its own and the impact of specific human behaviour on it is impossible to trace. The fact that Black Lives Matter say otherwise should serve as a reminder that stoking division and conflict is the group’s primary concern.

Indeed, far-left mobs – along with their adjacent, often inseparable far-right counterparts – are known to muddle cause and effect to inculpate their chosen scapegoat, be it ‘cracker-ass honkeys’ in this case, or gays if you’re a religious fanatic. The decorations may be different, but the nuts and bolts are essentially the same.

Neither side promotes unity, and their followers don’t consider evidence, logic or the individual when passing judgement. Black Lives Matter, for example, rely on the Dulux colour chart instead. And if you happen to sit few a shades shy of ‘caramel cream’, then you are – without exception – rich, white and complicit to a pogrom.

The only fundamental distinction between the far-left and far-right is that the former canvass support by pretending not to be prejudiced, but don’t be fooled by the climate of hysteria: the weather may not be racist, but Black Lives Matter certainly are.  And on top of that, they are completely and utterly insane.

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