Brexiteers have nothing to fear from a general election

Remainers have become very fond of Parliamentary sovereignty in recent months. The referendum, the EU super-fans now allege, was merely advisory. It is for Parliament – in consultation with the ‘experts‘ of course – to decide on whether to leave the European Union.

Never mind that the supremacy of EU law is more destructive to the supremacy of Parliament than any referendum. EU cheerleaders have spied an opportunity to strike back at fickle, unwashed, ‘lizard-brained‘ masses. The “48 percent” are crying out for a second referendum, or a general election, anything that will give them the chance to reverse the people’s decision.

Of course, an immediate general election would almost certainly bring the Tories back into power with a huge majority. So why not give the Remainers what they want?

The government’s majority is slim and many Conservative MPs backed the losing side during the referendum campaign. In the current Parliament, any vote on Brexit – or on ending the ban on new grammar schools – may well be overturned by a backbench revolt.

Yet if recent analysis by the British Polling Council is to be believed, if an election were to be held now, the Tory majority would increase from 12 to 62 seats.

Now is the time for boldness and political courage. Theresa May infamously supported Remain. If she now truly believes that “Brexit means Brexit”, she should say so – in bold capital letters, on the cover page of a Tory manifesto.

Such a manifesto would unite the 52 percent of the voting population who voted Leave behind the Conservative Party. Its victory would commit wavering Tory parliamentarians to backing Brexit (it would, after all, be a manifesto commitment) and leave Brexit opponents without a leg to stand on.

Calling a snap election would be a gamble, but the odds are in the Brexiteers favour.

Labour is still in the process of piecing itself back together after re-electing Jeremy Corbyn in an act of catastrophic self-harm. Meanwhile, Tim Farron has sworn to reverse the Brexit vote, but the Lib Dems are still reeling from their 2015 wipe-out.

UKIP have lost a unifying figure in Nigel Farage, as well as much of their reason for existing. Diane James needs to figure out what an anti-EU party stands for post-Brexit or risk becoming irrelevant.

Imagine, the morning after the election, as the results filter in, the delicious howls of despair from the euro-fanatics as their last hope is snatched from them. Imagine forcing them to eat their words: ‘You wanted Parliamentary sovereignty. You’ve got it. Now eat it’.

Imagine a government empowered to deliver a proper post-Brexit revolution – to slash through the Gordian knot of Brussels-imposed red tape; to take back control of our fishing grounds; to end the confusing and harmful system of farm subsidies; to slash taxes, and cut spending.

I think that’s a dream worth strapping on our armour for one more battle, don’t you?

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