The EU divorce paper?

The EU divorce paper?

“We need to give serious consideration to how the UK could have a free and prosperous economy outside the EU.” The Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) announced that it was going to award a prize of €100,000 to the lucky participant who came up with the best Brexit (British exit […]

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The Brussels ultimatum: espionage and
trading secrets

 “This is a serious issue that no one over 40 years of age really gets. It is about our lives.” They (the European Union) will be more effective in changing these practices than the UK acting alone.” – David Davis MP, July 2013 Over the past few weeks, western democracies […]

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Rumination on the Federation

This piece will assume the mind of a eurosceptic, cognizant of the evolution of the European project and dismayed by the stark reality of the subsequent development of what once was a device for mutual cooperation between European states at the dawning of the Cold War. When the guns fell silent […]

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The EU: ignoring history at its peril

By Calum Heaton-Gent When the euro currency was officially introduced in January 1999, it apparently harked a new age of European financial success. Yet this was not the first attempt at currency unification. And neither will it be the first and last to fail.  On December 23, 1865, the nations of […]

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Northern lights at the end of the tunnel

By Thomas Kingston To deny the EU is in crisis would be tantamount to imbecility and is something most political groupings agree on. So with the majority agreeing Europe is broken and that something needs to happen in reaction to this meltdown, why there is so much bickering? Well mainly […]

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The wind is changing – and Cameron’s

I wasn’t a member of the Conservative party in 2005, when David Cameron was elected, and I have often wondered how I would have cast my vote if I had. Thinking about it, had my conversion from socialism occurred two years earlier, I would probably have voted for David Davis. […]

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Are Italians a libertarian people?

This might seem an odd question to ask. Italy, after all, is hardly known for its fiscal responsibility, low taxes and light regulation. It is far better known for its corruption, financial incompetence, high taxes, paralysing labour regulation and for having a postal service so unreliable most eBay sellers won’t […]

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The Belgian Connection

Many of you will have your own impression of Brussels. Not so much because you have visited the Belgian capital city, but because of those dreaded initials we often hear in Conservative circles, those letters which invoke suspicion, profligacy and authoritarianism. They run parallel to Voldemort and almost reside within […]

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Alternative für Deutschland – Germany’s

By Moritz Strittmatter Over the last couple of weeks the rapid emergence of a new political party has made rounds in Germany. The party called Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), ‘an alternative for Germany’ is named after the infamous expression by chancellor Merkel stating that the steps taken to secure the […]

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