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The wind is changing – and Cameron’s

I wasn’t a member of the Conservative party in 2005, when David Cameron was elected, and I have often wondered how I would have cast my vote if I had. Thinking about it, had my conversion from socialism occurred two years earlier, I would probably have voted for David Davis. […]

by × May 13, 2013 ×

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Queen’s Speech: A mixed bag

My favourite part of the State Opening of Parliament is always the pageantry. It’s one of the most spectacular things we do in this country and something I’m happy to say I don’t think anyone else quite surpasses. Her Majesty’s speech itself is probably my least favourite bit. Much as […]

by × May 9, 2013 ×

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We have the substance – but where’s the

That UKIP has made unprecedented waves in the latest round of local elections should not have come as a surprise to anyone. The party is riding on a wave of anti-government feeling as austerity bites, the Lib Dems’ protest vote evaporates and Labour continues to be an ineffectual opposition with […]

by × May 5, 2013 ×

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Ukip if you want to – the party’s not for

Today’s Tory Diary holds out hope for a future reconciliation with Ukip in the wake of Ken Clarke’s overhyped attack on its candidates and voters and Boris Johnson’s typically optimistic assessment of the purple surge. Andrew Gimson interprets Boris’s words as signifying that Ukip is ‘the lost Tory tribe, and […]

by × April 29, 2013 ×

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What constitution?

Matthew Groves MP makes some very good points about some of the best features of Conservatism in his ConservativeHome column today – summed up in Viscount Falkland’s quip ‘when it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.’ This, as a political philosophy, is in contrast to […]

by × January 31, 2013 ×

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Sorry Nigel, UKIP is not a libertarian party

One of the more frequent claims by UKIP activists attempting to recruit me, particularly the younger ones, is that their party is an inherently libertarian one – one which stands apart from the three main parties (if you can count the Lib Dems anymore) in its focus on liberty. Certainly […]

by × January 19, 2013 ×