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What I’ve been reading and loving today: Chris Snowdon gets another mention for his look at why the public health lobby is nuts. It’s well worth remembering that whilst these people will claim to have your/our best interests at heart, they actually just want to tell you what to do […]

by × October 27, 2014 ×


No representation without taxation – the
left’s new clarion call

One of the most amazing things about the left is its ability to work against the interests of the people it claims to represent. Some of these are not without the best of intentions and are by no means confined to the left of the political spectrum. For example, the […]

by × April 2, 2013 ×


Want to be a good socialist? Steal from the poor!

There’s a commonly-held misconception that people grow rich by taking from the poor, rather than by providing goods and services which people want or need and exchanging those for money, which is what actually happens in a capitalist economy. Ironically, the only way in which you can legitimately grow rich […]

by × April 1, 2013 ×

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Why are benefits better than food banks?

Why are benefits better than food banks?

Some things never change and, given the Labour front bench is run by the very same people it was under Gordon Brown, it’s hardly surprising the spin machine is as busy as ever. The coining of fallacies such as ‘bedroom tax’ have been as successful as they are deceptive in […]

by × March 8, 2013 ×