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Labour’s conference is only going ahead because of zero-hours contracts

Labour’s conference is only going ahead
because of zero-hours contracts

You may not have followed this latest saga, so let me explain: Last year the Labour NEC voted to boycott G4S, the usual provider of its conference security. This boycott is its own story of ridiculous anti-Israel sentiment within the Labour Party: the NEC voted to boycott G4S because it […]

by × August 27, 2016 ×


Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump;
peas in a pod?

At a recent hustings event for the Labour leadership Jeremy Corbyn did something he does surprisingly often; he agreed with Donald Trump. When asked repeatedly whether he would provide military assistance to a NATO ally under attack by Russia, Corbyn refused to commit. Although Corbyn’s response was couched in the […]

by × August 21, 2016 ×


How will the Corbynite revolution be funded?

Idealism can be dangerous and it is not always a virtue; especially in the mind of stubborn old school socialist who has barely altered his rigid ideology in forty years. So while thousands of socialists, idealists and naïve Lefties pin their hopes on Jeremy Corbyn and see only the benevolence […]

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Seven ways feminists want to  have their cake and eat it too

Seven ways feminists want to
have their cake and eat it too

Third-wave feminists are well known for telling everyone how strong they are and then hiding behind special treatment provided under the guise of ‘equality’. Here are seven ways that the Member of Parliament for Shipley was absolutely spot on when he said that feminists wanted women to have their cake […]

by × August 17, 2016 ×

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The SNP’s scathing attack on social mobility

The death of social mobility. Imagine the horror if one day you received a letter in the post informing you that you had secured a place at university. You are the first in your working class family to go into higher education and with three or four years of hard work, revising […]

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Social media is a divisive echo chamber

Social media is a divisive echo chamber

By Stuart Maggs Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter Over the last few months I’ve been paying far too much attention to Twitter and Facebook, and it’s twisting my views of the world.  I read hundreds of posts a day, and every once in a while one or two […]

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Modern-day witch hunts: Saying you’re not a
feminist is like confessing to worshipping Satan

If you don’t like Sex and the City then you’re dumb, I hate you, and you have no place on this planet. That statement is about as meaningful and useful as saying ‘I’m totally a Charlotte’, however, just change the words ‘Sex and the City’ to ‘Feminism’ and you’ve got […]

by × August 5, 2016 ×


Owen Smith: The answer to the question  no one asked

Owen Smith: The answer to the question
no one asked

To see just how low the Labour Party has sunk don’t look at Jeremy Corbyn, look at the usurper the rebels have chosen; Owen Smith. Is that really the best they have to offer? He is a total non-entity with no personal charm whatsoever. His combination of smarm and Corbyn-lite […]

by × August 4, 2016 ×


The Communist gulags should be burnt
onto the world’s conscience

Last night I watched the harrowing BBC documentary Gulag. It aired in 1999 and marked the first time on British television that the breath-taking scale of the Soviet Union’s crimes against humanity was revealed in all its horror. We are now all too familiar with the dispiriting and soul destroying tales and images of the […]

by × August 3, 2016 ×


Online harassment  is not an exclusively  female problem

Online harassment is not an exclusively
female problem

Those of you who know me relatively well, will probably know that I am a staunch critic of Feminism. A bit like the dog that chases its own tail, it’s constantly going round and round in circles trying to find something to be angry about, or to blame on the […]

by × August 2, 2016 ×


The closed mind of the Leftist: Right wing
bad, left wing good

Now and again I like to venture over to the left wing side of social media, just to see how they’re getting on and to remind myself why I’m a Tory. Most of the time it gives me a good laugh, especially since the rise of Momentum (or Maomentum as […]

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Equality of outcome? I’m not sure that
means what you think it means.

Owen Smith has launched his twenty-point policy plan, in what appears to be an attempt to renounce his previous membership of Baader-Blairite, win over the lunatic majority that now make up the Labour membership and to make the Labour party a ‘credible’ opposition. Not only does this demonstrate Smith’s journeyman […]

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