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Snowden, Moscow and American

By Thomas Pike Stepping out of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport yesterday, Edward Snowdon began the first day of his new life in the Russian Federation. Having been granted asylum, he may now live where he wishes, legally work full-time,and even take up a job offer he’s already received. Issued with a […]

by × August 8, 2013 ×

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Porn filters are pointless, authoritarian and doomed to failure

Porn filters are pointless, authoritarian
and doomed to failure

By Stephen Hoffman Yesterday I received an email from the Prime Minister, as I’m sure thousands of other Conservative party members did, extolling the virtues of his latest policy. Were I to believe the hyperbole, I would have thought Cameron had declared peace in our time. The truth was a […]

by × July 24, 2013 ×

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Porn filters already exist – it’s a parent’s responsibility to use them

Porn filters already exist – it’s a parent’s
responsibility to use them

For some people, there are some things in life that seem just plain wrong. David Cameron has made it clear that for him (and the readership of the Daily Mail), it is pornography. He sees porn, it would seem, in the same way that many see smoking. Not only as […]

by × July 22, 2013 ×

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Snoopers and telescreens – a bad week for

As an Apple enthusiast, I have to admit I’ve never had much time for Microsoft. Even before I switched to Mac five years ago, I always had a degree of contempt for the company and its products. Bill Gates’ company always seemed to me sluggish, dirigiste, extortionate, lacking innovation, high […]

by × June 2, 2013 ×


Big Brother rears his ugly head after

Following the tragic events in Woolwich last week, the political rhetoric has taken its usual, predictable course. First of all came the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ style reassurances from the party leaders, who condemned the attacks whilst offering their condolences to the family and friends of the victim. Now, […]

by × May 27, 2013 ×

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America: where racism makes you an
idiot, not a criminal

Possibly one of the most frightening developments of our time is the emergence of the idea of qualified free speech. Those using it are often not intelligent enough to realise it’s an oxymoron while others should simply know better. It always starts the same. “I believe in freedom of speech […]

by × April 28, 2013 ×


Joe Bloggs cares not a jot for gay marriage – and God bless him for it

‘Splits’ in politics are favourite subjects for the media. Whether these are real or imagined splits within a coalition government, a political party or said party’s supporters, it’s a subject that is easy to write and makes good reading in newspapers. But with the media increasingly prone to hyperbole, it’s […]

by × February 5, 2013 ×


Britain was brave to abolish the slave trade; we must be so with gay marriage

We have more to be proud of than we sometimes give ourselves credit for in this country. We not only led the world in the development of parliamentarianism, free trade and industry but also in some of the great humanitarian leaps of history such as abolishing the slave trade and, […]

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