Austerity Britain: an orderly decline?

Austerity Britain: an orderly decline?

By Thomas Pike As this is to be my first post for Conservative for Liberty, I thought I’d try something a little bold. Instead of tackling the admittedly very juicy subjects of Westminster rent-seeking and mass surveillance of the population (which our selfless public servants have been so kind as […]

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Rumination on the Federation

This piece will assume the mind of a eurosceptic, cognizant of the evolution of the European project and dismayed by the stark reality of the subsequent development of what once was a device for mutual cooperation between European states at the dawning of the Cold War. When the guns fell silent […]

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Snoopers and telescreens – a bad week for

As an Apple enthusiast, I have to admit I’ve never had much time for Microsoft. Even before I switched to Mac five years ago, I always had a degree of contempt for the company and its products. Bill Gates’ company always seemed to me sluggish, dirigiste, extortionate, lacking innovation, high […]

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Big Brother rears his ugly head after

Following the tragic events in Woolwich last week, the political rhetoric has taken its usual, predictable course. First of all came the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ style reassurances from the party leaders, who condemned the attacks whilst offering their condolences to the family and friends of the victim. Now, […]

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Obama is wrong about those who warn of
tyranny – and recent events prove it

In a graduation speech made to the Class of 2013 at Ohio State University earlier this month, President Obama warned students about ‘…voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that is the root of all our problems. You should reject those voices,’ he […]

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The EU: ignoring history at its peril

By Calum Heaton-Gent When the euro currency was officially introduced in January 1999, it apparently harked a new age of European financial success. Yet this was not the first attempt at currency unification. And neither will it be the first and last to fail.  On December 23, 1865, the nations of […]

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Northern lights at the end of the tunnel

By Thomas Kingston To deny the EU is in crisis would be tantamount to imbecility and is something most political groupings agree on. So with the majority agreeing Europe is broken and that something needs to happen in reaction to this meltdown, why there is so much bickering? Well mainly […]

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The wind is changing – and Cameron’s

I wasn’t a member of the Conservative party in 2005, when David Cameron was elected, and I have often wondered how I would have cast my vote if I had. Thinking about it, had my conversion from socialism occurred two years earlier, I would probably have voted for David Davis. […]

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Are Italians a libertarian people?

This might seem an odd question to ask. Italy, after all, is hardly known for its fiscal responsibility, low taxes and light regulation. It is far better known for its corruption, financial incompetence, high taxes, paralysing labour regulation and for having a postal service so unreliable most eBay sellers won’t […]

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Organised crime and Christian politics

This week has been a busy week in the European Parliament. Although it was only a three day working week, there were committee meetings, hearings and trilogues occurring. The Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering Committee (CRIM) published its long awaited mid-term report, outlining proposals it would like to see […]

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Queen’s Speech: A mixed bag

My favourite part of the State Opening of Parliament is always the pageantry. It’s one of the most spectacular things we do in this country and something I’m happy to say I don’t think anyone else quite surpasses. Her Majesty’s speech itself is probably my least favourite bit. Much as […]

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We have the substance – but where’s the

That UKIP has made unprecedented waves in the latest round of local elections should not have come as a surprise to anyone. The party is riding on a wave of anti-government feeling as austerity bites, the Lib Dems’ protest vote evaporates and Labour continues to be an ineffectual opposition with […]

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