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What constitution?

Matthew Groves MP makes some very good points about some of the best features of Conservatism in his ConservativeHome column today – summed up in Viscount Falkland’s quip ‘when it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.’ This, as a political philosophy, is in contrast to […]

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Wake up and smell Cameron’s foul brew

Wake up and smell Cameron’s foul brew

Whatever lefties may tell you, faith in markets has never quite taken hold amongst conservatives. There has always been a tendency, as with socialists, to affect social change by turning to the state. William Wilberforce, an enthusiast for socially repressive legislation if ever there was one, provides a good historical […]

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Sorry Nigel, UKIP is not a libertarian party

One of the more frequent claims by UKIP activists attempting to recruit me, particularly the younger ones, is that their party is an inherently libertarian one – one which stands apart from the three main parties (if you can count the Lib Dems anymore) in its focus on liberty. Certainly […]

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