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Future proofing the economy: Philip Hammond’s speech in full #CPC16

It’s great to be back in Birmingham – and a privilege to address this conference as Chancellor of the Exchequer. I don’t think I am giving away any state secrets in admitting that I just might have hoped to have been a Treasury Minister a little bit earlier in my […]

by × October 3, 2016 ×

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Theresa May plans radical education reform

Theresa May has announced some surprising education reforms which herald a new push for radicalism On Friday morning there was a surprise announcement by Theresa May of a government plan to shake up the education system and allow schools to become selective. In effect, putting an end to the arbitrary ban on Grammar schools […]

by × September 12, 2016 ×

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We must address the underachievement of boys in education

Boys are falling behind in education and the problem can no longer be ignored. There is a gender gap in education. New government figures have revealed that 50.46 percent of boys have failed to meet the new, tougher standard in their SAT exams. As alarming as this is, it is […]

by × September 7, 2016 ×

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Junior doctors strike: Putting patients at  risk to advance their cause is despicable

Junior doctors strike: Putting patients at
risk to advance their cause is despicable

This week the BMA announced a series of junior doctors’ strikes on a much bigger scale than we have seen so far during the dispute. This time there will be five consecutive days of all out strikes from 8am to 5pm starting on September 12th. This will then be followed […]

by × September 2, 2016 ×

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Modern-day witch hunts: Saying you’re not a
feminist is like confessing to worshipping Satan

If you don’t like Sex and the City then you’re dumb, I hate you, and you have no place on this planet. That statement is about as meaningful and useful as saying ‘I’m totally a Charlotte’, however, just change the words ‘Sex and the City’ to ‘Feminism’ and you’ve got […]

by × August 5, 2016 ×

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Dismantle Cameron’s legacy of cronyism

David Cameron’s contribution to the continued debasement of the honour system is a stark reminder of his many broken promises. In opposition he promised to deal with the perceived sleaze of Westminster and to end “sofa government”, instead he carried on the New Labour culture of cronyism. Tony Blair stuffed […]

by × August 1, 2016 ×

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Theresa May crushes Corbyn in first PMQs

Theresa May crushes Corbyn in first PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn posed some good questions today but he was absolutely crushed by Theresa May’s imperious performance. Judging by the look of relief on her face when she finally sat down, she was actually very nervous; to compensate for that she came out fighting and aggressively tore into the Labour […]

by × July 20, 2016 ×

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The new Cabinet: A statement of intent?

Driving from Bushmills to Belfast yesterday afternoon, I listened to Theresa May’s first speech as Prime Minister with Neil Wilson. It goes without saying that as members of Conservatives for Liberty’s executive team, we have both been very critical of Mrs May throughout her time in the Home Office. But […]

by × July 15, 2016 ×


The new Cabinet in full

IN… Prime Minister: Theresa May Chancellor of the Exchequer: Phil‎ip Hammond Foreign Secretary: Boris Johnson Home Secretary: Amber Rudd Brexit Secretary: David Davis International Trade: Liam Fox Defence Secretary: Michael Fallon (unchanged) Education Secretary: Justine Greening Justice Secretary: Liz Truss Chief Whip: Gavin Williamson Party Chairman: Patrick McLoughlin Health Secretary: […]

by × July 14, 2016 ×

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Five things people forget about  Boris Johnson

Five things people forget about
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is the new Foreign Secretary – jokes abound. Look at that buffoon wandering around, how embarrassing for the country! But people who regard Boris Johnson as a joke figure are over-looking a few things which make him supremely qualified for a Great Office of State: 1) Boris the […]

by × July 14, 2016 ×

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The new Cabinet should be determined by merit, not gender

The new Cabinet should be determined by
merit, not gender

Today it has been reported that our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, intends to ensure women make up half of her Cabinet. Many in the media have welcomed this move, but I do not. The Conservative Party currently has 330 MPs, and of these 68 are women. In order to […]

by × July 13, 2016 ×


CfL statement on our new Prime Minister

Theresa May is our new leader and Prime Minister. We have spent years fiercely criticising her illiberal policies as Home Secretary and we will be scrutinising her very closely indeed from now on. We have long held fears of her inevitable leadership bid. Having said that, she is now our leader […]

by × July 11, 2016 ×