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National religion daily penance: How much   do YOU cost our NHS?

National religion daily penance: How much
do YOU cost our NHS?

Don’t join in the Guardian’s fawning worship of the state – you don’t owe the NHS anything. If any further proof were needed that conservatives and socialists think differently and see the world in a completely different way, you need only look at the latest feature in the Guardian’s nauseating, saccharine “This Is The […]

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“We stuffed their mouths with gold” –  Strikers prevent progress, again

“We stuffed their mouths with gold” –
Strikers prevent progress, again

In a last ditch attempt to avert any more strike action and to get Junior doctors to accept the government’s new deal the Conservatives have enlisted military scientists to re-animate the corpse of Mother Theresa and installed her as the new Health Secretary in place of a weary Jeremy Hunt. […]

by × January 30, 2016 ×

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Stop treating the NHS like a religion

British healthcare reform should be the subject of forensic journalistic analysis and urgent debate, but all we have are saccharine, uncritical devotionals to the NHS. If you were the CEO of a company whose costs were relentlessly increasing and competitors gaining ground with every passing quarter, what would you do? Would you waste valuable time […]

by × January 29, 2016 ×

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Who is at fault for the junior doctor’s strike?
Look in the mirror!

By reflexively worshipping the NHS, vilifying people who don’t and rewarding politicians who tell us only what we want to hear, the junior doctors’ strike – and everything else wrong with the health service – is our fault, and ours alone. Who is to blame for the NHS junior doctors’ strike? Is […]

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Sally Davies risks exacerbating
her ‘obesity crisis’

I used to be quite fat. So fat in-fact, that I had two chins and the backside the size of a terraced house. Losing weight was difficult and took a very long time. I’m not going to go into details because that’s not what you’re here for, but one thing’s […]

by × December 15, 2015 ×

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Paris climate summit: Beware the lure
of catastrophe politics

Can any of you name the greatest threat of our time? Some of you might be forgiven for thinking – with Western civilisation under assault from ISIS barbarians without and a growing Islamist enemy within – that it is the challenge posed by Islamic terrorism. Many of us are worried […]

by × December 1, 2015 ×

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The solution to the “obesity crisis”
lies with adults and parents,
not the nanny state

On 17 December, the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck (from the famous television commercials) will roll in to Leicester on the final stop of its UK tour, bringing holiday refreshment to boys and girls in the Midlands. A lovely festive occasion, you might think. Wrong. According to the League of Virtue-Signalling Health Nuts*, the Coca-Cola […]

by × November 12, 2015 ×

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The ‘save our NHS’ fanatics are  thwarting essential reform

The ‘save our NHS’ fanatics are
thwarting essential reform

The ‘save our NHS’ fanatics are thwarting essential reform Dr. Rob Galloway writes an “open letter to members of the British public” in Think Left today, deploying all of the usual tired catchphrases (“our NHS” is “on its knees” etc. etc.) in an effort to persuade us that we should continue […]

by × November 10, 2015 ×

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10 reasons why the Sugar Tax is a
terrible idea

First they came for the smokers. Then they came for drinkers. Now the ‘public health’ lobbyists are turning their sights on bacon and sugar. Jamie Oliver’s campaign to stick a twenty percent tax on sugary drinks and snacks has gained an alarming momentum over the last few weeks. Boris Johnson […]

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Don’t touch my bacon

Don’t touch my bacon

One by one, the World Health Organisation is chipping away at life’s small pleasures. First they came for tobacco, which very few people cared about because it didn’t smell very nice. Then they came for sugar, which people are only lukewarm about because of its association with big ‘nasty’ companies […]

by × October 27, 2015 ×

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The plastic bag tax is a farce

It’s a win-win, right? If a customer uses fewer bags – the policy works, or a customer pays to use bags and the money goes to charity. Well it’s not. Using fewer resources may arguably be a good thing, but that is where the thought process seems to have stopped […]

by × October 26, 2015 ×

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Smoke gets in your eyes

Smoke gets in your eyes

The very first episode of Mad Men is probably the best. Confronted with stacks of evidence that smoking may be quite bad for you, and a wave of government regulations that are about render the entire Lucky Strike marketing strategy completely useless, the executives of Sterling Cooper attempt to find […]

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