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The scandal of Britain’s ‘withered’ armed forces: A strong defence is essential to liberty

In allowing our armed forced to become ‘withered’, successive governments have failed in a fundamental responsibility of the state Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, in discussing co-operation with incoming US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis, said on Sunday that we cannot view Russia as an equal, but rather as a ‘strategic […]

by × December 13, 2016 ×

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The Autumn Statement: A missed opportunity to bolster Brexit Britain

The Autumn Statement: A missed opportunity to bolster Brexit Britain

The Autumn Statement contained some positive elements. It was pleasing to hear that the employment rate is at an all-time peak of 74.5% and that unemployment is at an 11-year low. We were happy to see the back of the “rabbit in the hat” political manoeuvres that Osborne was so […]

by × November 25, 2016 ×

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Brexit does not mean Brexit if we remain in the Customs Union; beware of the stealth Remain campaign

Brexit does not mean Brexit if we remain in the Customs Union; beware of the stealth Remain campaign

The Customs Union has become a contentious issue in the Brexit debate, but leaving it is a must; it’s a red line that cannot be crossed The post-referendum “phoney war” should have been the beginning of an open, honest and exciting debate about what Britain’s post-Brexit future should look like […]

by × November 21, 2016 ×


We need to reform the minimum wage and make it work for young people

We need to reform the minimum wage and make it work for young people

By Callum Sloper: @VagaCallum When the minimum wage first came into effect in April 1999 there were just 2 different rates set at £3 an hour for 18 to 21 year olds and £3.60 for anyone 22 or over. While this has evolved every single year by 10p to 30p […]

by × November 15, 2016 ×

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The Liberal case for Union and Commonwealth

The Liberal case for Union and Commonwealth

One of the challenges with being in a political party is that it will inevitably restrict your intellectual freedom of movement to some degree. There’s nothing wrong with this: the trade-off between absolute individual autonomy and effective collective action is one we make all the time, and contrary to the […]

by × October 27, 2016 ×

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Heathrow expansion: Where are the 4th and 5th runways going to be?

Heathrow expansion: Finally the 3rd runway at Heathrow has been given the greenlight, but this alone will not meet our long term needs.  The decision regarding the approval of a third runway at Heathrow has taken far too long and, quite frankly, if it wasn’t for David Cameron’s political maneuvering […]

by × October 27, 2016 ×


Now Heathrow is approved; it’s time to end the war against aviation by slashing Air Passenger Duty

Air Passenger Duty is regressive and anti-business and anti-consumer; it should by cut as a much needed boost for Brexit Britain About this time every year, my Texan wife and I glance at the calendar and realise, with dread, that the time has come to book plane tickets to the States […]

by × October 26, 2016 ×


Conservatives should embrace electoral reform

On the 23rd June 2016, the British electorate voted to leave the European Union. Contrary to what some opponents say, this was not a freak accident or a moment of mass hysteria; it was a patriotic and anti-establishment distress signal sent from the silent majority to the ruling class. After […]

by × October 18, 2016 ×


Why Javid and Hammond have got it wrong on the housing crisis

By Charlie Richards Phillip Hammond has just pledged that under the Conservatives we will start to see a stripping back of austerity – promising to spend more and invest funds into vital areas of the UK economy. In line with the Chancellor’s sentiments, Sajid Javid (Communities Secretary) promised that the […]

by × October 17, 2016 ×


The gender pay gap is not our enemy

The gender pay gap is not our enemy

Gender pay gap: It was never time to peddle the gender pay gap narrative – and it still isn’t. Its causes are too complex to be trivialised and temporal flexibility should be celebrated. Everyone has stumbled across the frequent headlines regarding the gender pay gap. Attacking its supposed persistence seems […]

by × October 10, 2016 ×


Fracking and the new Luddites

Sajid Javid is right to ignore the doubters and greenlight fracking. For one thing, he’s got all the right people working themselves up into a hysterical frenzy. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government overruled Lancashire Council’s rejection of a site, a decision which had been appealed by shale […]

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Future proofing the economy: Philip Hammond’s speech in full #CPC16

It’s great to be back in Birmingham – and a privilege to address this conference as Chancellor of the Exchequer. I don’t think I am giving away any state secrets in admitting that I just might have hoped to have been a Treasury Minister a little bit earlier in my […]

by × October 3, 2016 ×