CfL in Italiano


Conservatives for Liberty has arrived on the Continent with a feature on the Tea Party Italia website.

Paul Nizinskyj’s blogpost ‘Are Italians a libertarian people?’ was picked up on Facebook by libertarians from la repubblica, who got so excited they translated the piece into Italian and posted it on their website.

The blog post focused on the work of the late Italian journalist, writer and Liberal politician Luigi Barzini who, without saying as much, presented the Italian nation as that of a naturally libertarian people trapped under the sclerotic corpse of the Italian state in his 1983 book The Europeans.

Tea Party Italia celebrates its three-year anniversary this week and has been steadily gathering support under the slogan Meno Tasse, Più Libertà! – Less Taxes, More Liberty! With corruption endemic, taxes high and the economy failing under the jackboot of the euro, the group has had a difficult job on its hands but is dedicated to shifting the debate in Italy towards lowering taxes, cutting bureaucracy and furthering personal responsibility.

Saba Zechi, who co-founded the movement with David Mazzerelli, said their task was not an easy one but that, through numerous  public meetings and demonstrations across the country, Tea Party Italia now had thousands of supporters.

The group recently celebrated success in persuading 44 candidates standing for election to the House of Representatives to sign a pledge stating they would not vote for any bill which would increase the tax burden on Italians. Out of these candidates, 11 were elected, shifting the influence of the movement into the Italian legislature through a variety of parties – Berlusconi’s People of Liberty, the centre-right Brothers of Italy and even Mario Monti’s Civic Choice.

Conservatives for Liberty, which shares the same aims and ideas as Tea Party Italia, hopes to further broaden its friendship with the movement and emulate its success here in the United Kingdom.