CfL NI Launch

CfL in Northern Ireland is officially up and running after our launch at the Ulster Reform Club last week.

With over 60 people attending and lots of sound conversations taking place, some people were even heard to say that this was the best political event they’d attended in a long time, giving us great hope for the future.

We even had a few people who weren’t members of the the Conservative Party turn up, being genuinely interested by what we had to say.

Alex Kane was superb, providing a general overview of the situation at Stormont which was comedy genius in places and chilling in others.

Thank you to all those great people who attended – and for those who couldn’t make it, we will see you next time.

We’re not stopping with this. More events are planned – our first Beoir & Bletherin’ (see what we’ve done there?) takes place on the 2nd September at the House Bar and Kitchen on Stranmillis Road. We have a Christmas Dinner that a former Secretary of State has agreed to speak (frankly) at also in the pipeline. All in all, we hope to have four events of various sizes and themes prior to Christmas. Not a bad way to get going!

If you want to join you can do so here. Please give it some serious thought – it’s well worth it.

We’re also on the lookout for people to help with our campaigns that are about to go live. Anyone with research or analytical skills is particularly welcome to get in touch at







Find more photographs of the event on Facebook, or the full set of pictures from the night on Flickr.