CfL NI: The team

Conservatives for Liberty Northern Ireland launches on July 24th; these are the people behind it.

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Neil WIlsonNeil Wilson – Head of CfL NI

Neil works in marketing for a large technology business and has been a Conservative member since 2005. In 2015 he stood for Parliament for the Belfast East constituency, notably achieving the party’s highest ever position there. Neil firmly believes that Northern Ireland’s problems are fed by unusually high levels of aspiration-draining state interference. He’s a big fan of F.A Hayek, claiming that The Road to Serfdom changed his view of the world irrevocably.

EimhearEimhear Macfarlane – Social media & marketing NI

Eimhear is currently Deputy Chairman of Northern Ireland Conservative Future and served as a student governor of Belfast Met from 2013-15. A fearless advocate of free markets and small government, and never more so than when in front of a hostile audience, Eimhear passionately believes in the freedom of the individual.

andrewAndrew Wooster – Online editor NI

After leaving NI21 in 2014, Andrew joined the Conservatives and has since taken up a position as Vice Chairman of Queens University Belfast Conservative Future. Originally inspired by John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty” he is an avid defender of Free Speech and the benefits of Individualism.

Peter WilsonPete Wilson – Treasurer NI

Pete is a senior management consultant with a big four consulting firm. The son of a fully paid up communist father, and having been brought up in the dark and dismal 1970s he left home to work abroad in the early 1980s. Upon his return in the 1984 he discovered that the country had been transformed by the late Mrs Margaret Thatcher, and the rest is history. Pete is for power and decision making by indi