CfL statement on our new Prime Minister

Theresa May is our new leader and Prime Minister. We have spent years fiercely criticising her illiberal policies as Home Secretary and we will be scrutinising her very closely indeed from now on. We have long held fears of her inevitable leadership bid.

Having said that, she is now our leader and Prime Minister and we will judge her on her performance from here. There is nothing to be gained from complaining or pre-judging at this point.  We will endevour to be constructive in our criticism and will be generous in our praise when policies that we believe in are implemented.

She has said that Brexit will mean Brexit. We intend to hold her to that. We hope that she can manage the transition well and come to an amicable and beneficial agreement in our upcoming negotiations.

We hope that the illiberal instincts she has shown in the Home Office are not a preview to her leadership style now that she is PM. We will be watching this closely and speaking out when necessary. We fear that she will push on with mass surveillance, censorship and more severe drug prohibition laws. This is why Conservatives for Liberty exist; to spread a Classical Liberal message amongst Conservatives and stand up for freedom. We urge you join us as a member and show your support.

For now, we wish Theresa May well. Congratulations to our new Prime Minister.

The good news is that we will have a new leader, a new government and they can get on with stabilising the country, giving us a sense of direction and purpose and begin the long process of leaving the European Union.