CfL’s ‘coupes à l’anglaise’

Coupes à l'anglaise


Conservatives for Liberty had the honour of being mentioned in French broadsheet Le Figaro on January 15, in UK correspondent Gaspard Koenig’s column.

In it, Koenig describes the success of George Osbourne’s ‘Plan A’ in cutting public spending and contrasts the resultant surge in employment and economic health with President Holland’s socialist nightmare.

Referring  to a Toquevillian vision of a slimmed-down state, Koenig states:“this is what is being dreamt of by a new generation of libertarians in the USA under the banner of Rand Paul and by new groups in the UK like Conservatives for Liberty.”

Naturally CfL is flattered to be mentioned in the same breath as that great crusader for liberty, Rand Paul, though this might not be deserved just yet. However, we would like to thank M. Koenig for his coverage and hope this may encourage likeminded French citizens, as in Italy.