Charlie Jameson: Why I am a Conservative


By Charlie Jameson

Let me get straight down to business. I’m a Conservative and I’ve always been a Conservative. I have not got a story to tell of a political journey, I didn’t go from being a sullen anarchist when I was a teenager to becoming what I am today. In many ways mine is a simple story and I am a pretty straightforward kind of guy.

I was always attracted to the world of business and from the age of about 14 I was champing at the bit to go out into the world and make something of myself. As soon as I left school I was grafting, taking chances, speculating and looking to make money. It’s the capitalistic spirit that the left seem to want to oppress and control, and I resent them for it.

I believe in freedom, limited government, self-reliance, individualism, free enterprise, equality of opportunity, limited government and the potential virtues of capitalism. Left wing ideology is actively corrosive to all of these. The more prominent it becomes the more harm is caused to any country in which it prevails.

My family of ordinary, lower middle class strivers believed in personal responsibility and self-discipline, and they instilled that in me. We are exactly the kind of people the left sneer at; the conservative types that keep the socialists out of government. They perceive us as narrow minded, money orientated and prejudiced middle class

We keep them out of government because we don’t need, or want them interfering in our lives at every step and we don’t think they’ll do anyone else any good either (their track record is pretty dire).

They believe, slavishly, in the state, were as I believe in the government only as a necessary evil. We need a government, of course, and there are many things that it necessarily must provide, oversee and manage, but the state should be more like a reassuring watchman, not a domineering master. Left wing ideology always demands more government, with many awful consequences.

I believe in the necessity of social security, and when the 1945 Labour government introduced the welfare state it was built on solid foundations. Old school socialist Labour was at least a patriotic and conservative institution, one that believed in hard work. It still reflected the British spirit of stoicism of self-reliance. So the welfare state stopped people from become completely destitute, but it was strict and placed expectations on the beneficiaries.

It looked primarily to get people back into work and expected them to accept jobs, with repercussions for the unwilling. Labour’s welfare state even looked to find people with disabilities appropriate forms of work in order to give them the gift of independence and self-worth.

This, sadly, could not last when Labour became a radical and dogmatic, culturally Marxist, anti-British, anti-family post-60’s socialist party. Then the welfare state expanded beyond what was financially and socially responsible and the left cared only for gathering a client state of dependents.

With the family units shattered, and huge numbers of people on welfare, and the state with its hand in everything, Britain as a nation has become a dependent. It expects the government to do everything, from cradle to grave, it’s always, ‘why doesn’t the government do something?’

Now the old working class has been destroyed we have a welfare addicted underclass. The children of the middle class are too often spoiled and lazy. If they fall on hard times you won’t see them taking jobs that they consider “beneath them”. They want the taxpayer to pay them while they find something more fitting, or they expect free money so they can go and study a Mickey Mouse degree while they spend a few years drinking.

After social mobility was ruined by egalitarianism and the oppression of the hard working, British spirit, the upper class are unchallenged. They get a free pass into the elite schools and straight into elite jobs, including government. It doesn’t matter if they’re thick, they’re rich.

The time has come to slim down the state, it is necessary on every level. We have to bring about a shift in our culture that changes the slovenly nature of our people. Trust me, it is no wonder at all why young, humble, hardworking and grateful immigrants are putting our own people to shame. We need to educate our own people better and they, frankly, need a good kick up the arse, a good gulp of some hard tasting medicine.

The current process to slim down the state is being driven by our financial crisis. If we do not completely change how the British government works then this country will go bankrupt. It really is that simple. Our debts are vast and our spending irresponsible, once we get to the point that creditors realise we can’t pay, we’re done.

I fear however that we will lose our nerve, and the process is hindered by just how bad our dependence has become. Taking “entitlements” from British people is like training a toddler to give up a dummy. The left are like spoiled children stamping their feet refusing to move out of mummy and daddy’s house. But we cannot go on having so many people dependent on the state from cradle to grave.

There is problem with poverty in this country, but it is moral and social poverty. It is a poverty of ambition and character and it’s crushing the soul of our nation. This used to be a country fit for heroes; traders, merchants, adventurers, explorers, soldiers and above all, grafters. We need the state to get out of the way and allow us to stand on our own two feet again.

We need a strong Conservative government to unleash the spirit of enterprise, innovation, aspiration, industry, creativity and ambition that once used to characterise the people of this country.

I want this country to be great again, that’s why I am a Conservative.

Charlie is a business owner and property developer. Follow him on Twitter @thisthingofmine