Corbynismo must be met with equally
radical Conservatism

Conservatives for Liberty would like to congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his landslide victory in the Labour leadership election. No, really.

Apart from the fact Mr Corbyn is no doubt an honest man and a classic conviction politician, and apart from the fact that his radical socialism will no doubt tear the Labour Party apart and be decisively rejected by the British people in 2020 (if he lasts that long), Corbynismo could prove to be a jolt in the arm for the Conservative Party.

The last time the Conservatives faced anyone nearly as left-wing as Jeremy Corbyn was the 1980s, during the glorious reign of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership, when the great lady was faced with the radical socialism of Michael Foot and the Labour Party’s slow climbdown to ‘moderate’ socialism under his successor Neil Kinnock – who himself orchestrated Tony Benn’s failed bid to become deputy leader in 1981.

It was an age of great ideas, when there existed a clear gulf between the two main parties – on the one hand, a radical Conservatism fortified by the classical liberal philosophy of men such as FA Hayek, Milton Friedman and Adam Smith; on the other, the no less radical (though utterly decrepit) socialist creed of coercion, nationalisation and union rule. Or, Marxism Lite.

It’s easy to forget that Labour has not won a general election without ‘Tory Blair’ since 1974 and to take for granted just how much Margaret Thatcher’s barnstormingly successful philosophy of popular capitalism changed the Labour Party. So much so, in fact, that it’s become far too easy for us under this new consensus to stray from the principles which made the Thatcherite Conservative Party so successful.

This is our opportunity – YOUR opportunity – to help galvanise the Conservative Party and steer it in the right direction by crushing Jeremy Corbyn’s radical socialism with an equally radical Conservatism of popular capitalism.

Help us in this fight to change this country and join us now.