‘Corbynmania’: Forward nutters… I mean, comrades!

‘Anyone but Corbyn’ is an error. Conservatives have nothing to fear from a revival of socialism because our principles are based on the individual in the real world. We should encourage the Labour Party in its delusional death dance.

‘Corbynmania’ has brought about something of a revival of old-school socialism within the Labour Party.

I say revival: I suspect it was always there – a parasite spreading and multiplying through the universities, local government and the unions – steadily growing stronger and angrier as most of us politely ignored its existence.

The ascent of the flat-capped messiah has been propelled by a vigorous and youthful social media campaign.

The lefty twitter bubble goes mental…

The lefty twitter bubble has gone mental for Corbyn. The ‘Occupy’ kids who dominate political discourse on twitter really seem to love him. So does Russell Brand. Excuse me while I find somewhere to throw up.

When they aren’t busy organising their next tantrum in the streets of London, starting petitions to have Katie Hopkins arrested, unfriending Tories on Facebook or battling tirelessly against ‘white privilege’, internet-savvy young left wingers spend their time posting socialist memes and cat pictures, and tweeting #jezwecan.

The main message of the Corbyn campaign seems to be that their man alone can deliver “Hope!” and “Change!” to a nation oppressed by those awful Tories (yes, the ones who got the most votes from people who actually bothered to turn up and vote) and their dreadful “neoliberal” agenda.

Their strategy seems to be to apply the ‘inspirational’ – and content-free – language of the 2008 Obama campaign to the less-than-inspirational figure of a crusty old Marxist.

To most of us on the right – that is to say, sane people who believe in free people and free markets – this is downright hilarious. Almost as hilarious as the notion doing the rounds on the lefty blogosphere that we on the right are ‘afraid‘ of Corbyn.

Corbyn’s rise to rockstar status on the left is the product of a popular revolt against the status quo. This is nothing new. On the right it has worked wonders for UKIP and Nigel Farage.

Talk to anyone who isn’t a politics nerd and you hear the same complaints about politicians. “They’re all the same”. “No one believes in anything any more”.

Peak ‘Corbynmania’ relies on the public knowing very little about what he stands for, beyond the fact that he stands for something.

It’s true – Jeremy Corbyn does stand for something. He has a ‘big vision’ unlike anything we’ve seen in mainstream politics since the days of Margaret Thatcher. The thing is, that vision is all bollocks.

Britain is not a socialist country

Let me state one thing with certainty. Britain is not a socialist country. The pubic desire for ‘authenticity’ in politics does not alter that fact even one little bit.

The last time Labour won an election as a socialist party was with Harold Wilson in 1974. Callaghan, Foot, Kinnock, Brown and Miliband were all rejected by the electorate. Only Blair was able to bring Labour back from the abyss.

The British people – well, most of them at least – do not like preachy left wingers bossing them about like Hermione Granger on steroids. Assuming his own party does not eject him the moment he wins the leadership, the inconvenient voters will reject Corbyn as they rejected all the others.

‘Ah’, say the Corbynistas, ‘but the voters do want socialism’, and they reel off statistics and pretty graphs to prove it. These fuel more internet memes, more cat pictures, more hash-tags.

The online left are trying wildly to create the illusion of a revolutionary groundswell in British social attitudes. The idea seems to be to win people over by acting as though the public are already more-or-less on their side and their victory is inevitable.

This will ultimately blow up in their faces, just as their confident predictions of victory at the last general election rapidly turned into confusion and despair. ‘Progressives’ thought Miliband was ‘the one’. Look how that turned out. The delusional lefty twitter bubble is not the same thing as the nation.

The truth is there has been no revolution. In fact, British social attitudes have become decidedly less ‘left wing’ over the last three decades. Attitudes towards the welfare state and immigration in particular are far from politically correct. And whilst the majority of voters aren’t exactly clamouring to embrace small-state libertarianism, they don’t want big tax hikes or higher public spending either.

The long term prospects for socialists are even more bleak. Young voters – far from forming a leftist revolutionary vanguard – are becoming more libertarian. The angry young socialists are fast becoming an irritating irrelevance, and they don’t like it one bit. Corbynistas are raging against the dying of the light.

Jez and his dodgy ‘friends’

Corbyn himself often comes across as a genuinely ‘nice guy’. I suspect on a personal level he probably is. But his principles are both utterly wrong and incredibly destructive (as anyone who lived through the 70s will no doubt attest). Of course, many of his ‘friends’ and supporters are not so ‘nice’.

Muslim hate preachers and Hamas. Gerry Adams and the IRA. Unreconstructed communists who see Trotsky, Lenin and Che as heroes of the revolution instead of the squalid mass murderers they actually were. Professional trade union activists who plot to seize the streets if they fail at the ballot box. These are Corbyn’s allies and footsoldiers.

Red Jez has too many skeletons in his closet. If he wins they will all come tumbling out. No doubt his followers will blame the ‘right wing media’.

Conservatives can win a debate on principles and beliefs

But the best argument for why Corbyn and his red brigade will fail is that solid conservative principles are more appealing than doctrinaire socialism. They just are.

We believe that the individuals life, liberty and property belong to them. The socialists believe it belongs to the state – which has a duty to ration it out for the good of all.

We believe that every human being ought to be as free as possible to release their potential – subject only to the need to obey the law and pay as little tax as is necessary. Socialists equate success with ‘exploitation’ and seek to punish anyone who dares to run ahead of the herd.

We believe it is wrong to allow over-mighty trade unions to strike on tiny turnouts, making our lives miserable in order to defend salaries and entitlements most of us can only dream of. Leftists want to return to the days when unions could bring down the government with the threat of general strikes and power shortages.

We believe in free speech – well, at least most of us do. The left believe in ‘safe spaces’, crusades against ‘hate speech’ and tackling so-called ‘Islamophobia’.

We want a society based on merit and the individual, grounded in the real world. Many of Corbyn’s people want a society based on the writings of Karl Marx.

The idea that government knows best is embarrassingly out of date in the information age. Social media and the internet have made it possible to acquire almost anything we want – from television shows to news, taxi rides to holiday house swaps – and customise it to fit our own unique personalities. People have become far too individualist to accept the level of state control the socialists advocate.

The left have opened up a debate on principles. This is to be welcomed. Whilst the Corbynistas bang on about inequality, white privilege, nationalisation and Palestine, the Conservatives will go into the next election as ‘the sane party’.

Our beliefs are based in the real world, not the scribblings of a delusional nineteenth century beardy-weirdy whose every prediction has been proven wrong

Conservatives have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to fear by talking about our beliefs and values. We can meet the resurgent left in the field and leave them battered and bloody – as we have countless times before. Our principles are far better than theirs.

Disclaimer: Please note that although I despise socialism with a passion, I have nothing against cats or cat pictures in general.