Did Diane Abbott just call the White Cliffs
of Dover racist?

Any Diane Abbott is too much Diane Abbott. We all know this. And, in the last week, we’ve all been served the mental image of far more Diane Abbott then we would ever wish upon even our greatest enemy. Unless that enemy happens to be Jeremy Corbyn, of course.

But, in many ways, £300k Abbott is very much the gift that keeps on giving. She’s a constant source of evidence backing up what many of us think of the far left; smughypocritical, acquisitive, and often surprisingly racist.

It’s on the latter point that Abbott consistently outdoes herself, though bizarrely, she seems to have batted the ball right out of the park last week without anyone really noticing.

In a Daily Mail report on the violent clashes between far right anti-immigrant marchers and far left counter-demonstrators in Dover on Saturday, Abbott was pictured giving a speech to her side of the great unwashed, which you would have hoped contained something to help alleviate racial tensions in the port.

However, this is Diane Abbott. What the ‘cheering audience’ got instead was altogether more bizarre, concerning, and just plain stupid. The shadow international development secretary said: ‘It’s 2016, time for those racist rocks to go. Mr Cameron, tear down those cliffs.’

Excuse me? Dafuq did I just read? This is a member of the shadow cabinet, at a counter-demonstration against violent racist skinheads, who thinks it’s appropriate to joke about blaming it on the bloody cliffs? Nothing like tackling racial tensions with some flippantly racist remarks, eh?

There are a number of questions this raises. Firstly, how did that quote get buried at the end of an article in the Mail, of all places? Secondly, how has no-one else picked up on it? And, thirdly, how does this certified idiot continue to find her way onto the front bench?