Ding dong goes the cash register

By Moritz Strittmatter

The news, breaking on Twitter earlier, that Rupert Murdoch was profiting from the sales of the song ‘Ding, Dong! the Witch is Dead’ have proven to be false, as the rights belong firmly to Time Warner.

The confusion may be explainable due to the recent purchase of a number of related rights pertaining to the ‘Wizard of Oz’ for the planned 2014 Film ‘Wicked’.

The sudden rise in the charts of the ‘Ding, Dong’ song from the 1939 film ‘The wizard of Oz’ is due to a campaign of the British left to spite the recently deceased former British PM Margaret Thatcher.

A second campaign in support of the Iron Lady has moved to replace the ascend of the song with the Notsensibles’ ‘I’m in Love with Margaret Thatcher’.

Thus the sweet irony still remains that a cultural battle is being fought over which side can purchase more in a free-market economy, which marks this episode as a whole a victory for many of the things Thatcher stood for in her remarkable political career.