Donald Trump… The joke isn’t funny anymore

Whenever I see this ludicrous man’s tangerine mug, which happens far too frequently, a song from one of my favourite bands plays in my head – “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” by The Smiths. When he launched his campaign, many rightly enjoyed a jolly good laugh – the man is a caricature of himself. However, he has officially become the Leicester City of U.S politics (although I doubt that he will be welcome in Leicester any time soon).

Few expected him to be here at this stage and many still doubt that he will stay the course. But with every passing week, more and more people are starting to think that he could pull it off. Although Trump came a close second in Iowa, he recently won New Hampshire and bagged ten delegates. However, whilst a Leicester City victory would be fantastic for football in this country, a Trump victory would not only be an unmitigated disaster for the U.S, it would be crushing for the U.K as well.

His opening speech at ‘Trump Tower’ was of course outrageous and beyond parody. However, during this incoherent rambling he made a disgraceful claim; that Mexican immigrants are “rapists”. This was no slip and far from backtracking he has reiterated his claim. Such rhetoric might be amusing if it destroyed his chances of becoming the nominee, but his bigoted eruptions have actually bolstered his campaign.

His call to ban all Muslim travel to the U.S, which led to an absurd debate on a call for him to be banned from the U.K in Parliament, was as impractical as it was grotesque. Yet the reaction in the U.S was alarming to say the least. Whilst the public rightly rejected this nonsense, a majority of Republicans supported it. This serves to remind us of what we already knew, that whilst Trump may win the nomination he would stand little chance of defeating the Democratic nominee.

This brings me to the heart of what I want to say here. The GOP faces an uphill battle regardless of who their candidate is. Although the nominee may not have to gain the not so magic 40% of the Hispanic vote to win, as has been previously claimed, it is hard to fathom how Trump could improve in all racial groups given his outbursts – which he would absolutely need to do. Therefore, although we would not witness a Goldwater style battering, I cannot see how Trump would beat even a mannequin covered in donkey stickers. Consequently, his success thus far is very bad news indeed. Frankly the last thing that the UK needs is another Democrat in the Oval Office.

Obama’s foreign policy has been a train wreck and he has treated the UK with utter contempt. I could reel off a string of offenses but there is one that really stands out. One could just about forgive him for maintaining neutrality over the Falkland Islands, but he inexplicably sided with Argentina’s position of ‘negotiations’, although most British people rightly fail to see what there is to negotiate after the 2013 referendum result. He sank to a murky new low when he actually used Argentina’s name for them, “Las Malvinas”. This was despicable and it represented an astonishing betrayal of a loyal and valuable friend of America. Crucially, Hilary Clinton (who stands more than a fair chance of being the Democratic nominee) was very much a key accomplice in this treachery. She supported the official position of the corrupt Buenos Aires at a press conference.

The U.K could really do without more of this nonsense, but that is exactly what we could expect from a lady who was a key part of this contemptable Obama administration. This is all even more concerning given that we are about to vote in a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

If we vote to leave, which I sincerely hope we do, then the special relationship will become even more important. Obama has managed to considerably lower himself in my estimations, further still, by making official statements about Brexit and thus repeatedly meddling in this country’s internal affairs. These interventions on this very sensitive issue are highly objectionable to say the least. The Democrats that make up this current establishment clearly do not care about the special relationship or this country’s interests. Hillary represents the establishment and I pray that she does not succeed.

Even if Trump fails, Cruz is in second place and frankly he is almost if not more unelectable than ‘the Donald’. I never thought I would say this but I truly hope that Republicans see sense and go for Jeb Bush in the end, at least the last Bush knew who his friends were.

James is the Conservatives for Liberty Events Coordinator. A history and politics graduate, he passionately believes in protecting individual freedom and civil liberties against the numerous authoritarian adversaries.

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