Doughnut burgers, eurosceptics, teaching
unions and UK unemployment

1. Pub chain criticised for calorific doughnut burger

Hungry Horse, the pub chain, have created an amazing doughnut burger. So of course, people want to ban it:

“Mel Wakeman, senior lecturer in Applied Physiology at Birmingham City University, said: “To me, this is simply ludicrous and irresponsible. I am no killjoy but why is this sort of food available?””

How about we just agree that we all make our own decisions about what we eat?

2. Eurosceptics are moderate; Euro-integrationists are unreasonable

Last week Dan Hannan was on form (again) in the Telegraph:

“The reason we’re growing is that our policies don’t strike voters as being in the least extreme. Wanting to restrict EU jurisdiction to the small number areas which cannot be left to nation-states – tariff reduction, cross-border pollution and the like – seems, to most people outside Brussels, an eminently reasonable position. Ditto arguing that the EU budget should not keep rising when national budgets are falling. Ditto asserting that states should control who crosses their borders. Ditto recognising that national parliaments have more purchase on our loyalties than EU bureaucracies.”

And today he released this:

3. If a teacher doesn’t teach…

The story of the Haringey teachers’ strike is really, really annoying me. Justifiably so, I think. In this piece, the Taxpayers’ Alliance set out the issues.

“Far from being a co-operative union rep with the best interests of children at heart, Mrs Davies appears to have spent most of her time since 2000 pursuing a personal agenda. Head teachers in Haringey, where she works, have accused her of “confrontation”, “obfuscation” and encouraging “a climate of mistrust.” Davies has been suspended as a result, and she has therefore called on union members to walk out. The High Court has already thrown out her claim that the Council doesn’t have the power to suspend her, but that hasn’t stopped Mrs Davies pursuing her case.”

4. UK Labour Market, November 2014

Good news on unemployment this week!

“The unemployment rate was 6.0%, lower than for April to June 2014 (6.3%) and lower than for a year earlier (7.6%). The unemployment rate is the proportion of the economically active population (those in work plus those seeking and available to work) who were unemployed.

“There were 22.52 million people working full-time, 589,000 more than for a year earlier. There were 8.27 million people working part-time, 105,000 more than for a year earlier.”

And finally, a couple of weeks ago I wrote for Breitbart London:

Benedict Cumberbatch Thinks Feminism Is Sexy – He’s Wrong

“I wish that people would stop saying they’re a feminist without thinking about what that really means. You can believe in equality between the sexes without signing up to all the extra bullshit feminism comes with.”