CfL Team



Emily Barley

Emily is a content and communications strategy consultant. She is passionate about the power of free markets to improve the living conditions of people on all levels of society and wishes to overturn the misconception that the Conservative Party seeks to protect privilege rather than spread opportunity.

Neil WIlsonNeil Wilson
Campaigns Director

Neil works in marketing for a large technology business and has been a Conservative member since 2005. In 2015 he stood for Parliament for the Belfast East constituency, notably achieving the party’s highest ever position there. As well as managing CfLs campaigns, Neil heads up CfL NI and firmly believes that Northern Ireland’s problems are fed by unusually high levels of aspiration-draining state interference. He’s a big fan of F.A Hayek, claiming that The Road to Serfdom changed his view of the world irrevocably.

Ben Kelly
Online Director

Ben is a writer, editor and Brexit campaigner. His political philosophy is an organic hybrid of classical liberalism and conservatism underpinned by a healthy instinctual scepticism. He advocates a counter-revolution to achieve the restoration of constitutional liberty and national independence. He blogs at The Sceptic Isle.


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Paul NizinskyjPaul Nizinskyj
Creative Editor

Paul is political assistant to the London Borough of Barnet Conservatives and spent six years as a journalist. He was a founding director of Conservatives for Liberty, having felt free market conservatives and civil libertarians were under-represented in the party, and continues to oversee the artistic direction of the group. He writes for several publications and blogs at Buff & Blue.

Stephen HoffmanStephen Hoffman
Parliamentary liaison officer

As Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Stephen seeks to ensure Conservatives for Liberty’s vision of free markets and individual freedom is supported by as many Conservative MPs as possible. .