The team



Emily Barley – Chairman

Emily is a content and communications strategy consultant. She is passionate about the power of free markets to improve the living conditions of people on all levels of society and wishes to overturn the misconception that the Conservative Party seeks to protect privilege rather than spread opportunity.

Neil WIlsonNeil Wilson – Campaigns Director

Neil works in marketing for a large technology business and has been a Conservative member since 2005. In 2015 he stood for Parliament for the Belfast East constituency, notably achieving the party’s highest ever position there. As well as managing CfL’s campaigns, Neil heads up CfL NI

Ben Kelly – Director of Online Communications

Ben is a freelance political writer. He writes for various publications but mainly The Telegraph and Reaction. His political philosophy is an organic hybrid of classical liberalism and conservatism underpinned by a healthy instinctual scepticism. His natural mistrust of government and years of intellectual pursuits led him to evolve out of socialism.


img_7128a-sq-139Paul Nizinskyj – Creative Editor

Paul is a fundraiser and former journalist who has been a member of the Conservative Party since 2007. A fine art graduate and a socialist in a former life, he was turned to free market capitalism as a more effective way of spreading wealth and opportunity via a combination of John Ranelagh’s Thatcher’s People and the writings of F.A. Hayek and Milton Friedman.

Stephen HoffmanStephen Hoffman – Parliamentary liaison officer

After he graduated, Stephen worked for the Zionist Federation as their Campaigns and Public Affairs Officer. He then went on to work as Parliamentary Assistant for David T C Davies, the MP for Monmouth and Chairman of the Welsh Affairs Committee.  He now works as public affairs executive in the travel and tourism industry. He is passionate about individual freedom and free markets.

12804065_1561413814187212_1819747581_nMaria Murphy – Events coordinator

Maria is a London student originally from Yorkshire. Joining the party in 2010, she held various positions in the party’s youth wing before joining Conservatives for Liberty. She believes passionately in individual liberty and takes a strong stance against identity politics. Her hero in politics is Daniel Hannan.



Sheila M Bodel – Regional Manager

Sheila is currently works to helping to support people back into employment.  She has a passion for helping people to reach their potential.  She is a business graduate who is currently studying international business.  Sheila is a believer in limited government intervention in our personal lives.



Sarah Tallon – Project Manager

Sarah help manage CfL projects and campaigns and is interested in matters relating to Justice. She would describe herself as a right-wing conservative, deriving her inspiration from Thatcherism. Whilst working for a Conservative MP in Parliament she is also active on the social scene, attending various political speeches and giving up her weekends on a regular basis in order to campaign.

image1Daniel Downes – Blog Editor

Daniel is the Head of Mathematics at a Secondary School in Buckinghamshire. He is a recovering socialist and his central political philosophy is that he does not know what is best for other people.



ogrady-profileStephen O’Grady – Policy Analyst 

Stephen is a writer and researcher, drawing on his experience as a former Army officer with a background in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.  He has a particular interest in legal and defence matters, particularly as they touch on the cyber world.  A pragmatic minarchist and instinctual conservative, he likes free speech, free markets, and free people.


14938015_1489195181107382_2038109737_nNathan Friend – Head of CfL Wales

Nathan considers himself part of the “Whig” faction within the Conservative Party; his world view is shaped by a Nietzchen belief in self-ownership, faith in free-markets, a healthy scepticism of the state, and a love for individualism. Having worked as a prominent activist for Vote Leave, Brexit rates as one of his highest priorities; along with the legalisation of cannabis and ending the tribal hold that Labour exerts across Wales.

Conservatives for Liberty Northern Ireland

andrewAndrew Wooster – Research Analyst NI

After leaving NI21 in 2014, Andrew joined the Conservatives and has since taken up a position as Vice Chairman of Queens University Belfast Conservative Future. Originally inspired by John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty he is an avid defender of free speech and the benefits of individualism.

daniel gaviganDónall Gaibheacháin – Policy Analyst NI

Dónall is an English Literature graduate from Queen’s University Belfast, where he is the Chairman of the Libertarian Society. Through recruiting members at Society Fairs, and running many events often around the campus, he has expanded the Liberty following there greatly over the last few years. Dan is an enthusiast of political fiction, philosophy, and economics – citing Anthony Burgess as a catalyst for his love of individual liberty, Ayn Rand for his objectivist outlook, and Milton Friedman for his staunch support of free-market capitalism.

Peter WilsonPete Wilson – Treasurer NI

Pete is a senior management consultant. The son of a fully paid up Communist father, and having been brought up in the dark and dismal 1970s he left home to work abroad in the early 1980s. Upon his return in the 1984 he discovered that the country had been transformed by the late Margaret Thatcher, and the rest is history. Pete is for power and decision making by individuals, and against ‘statism’.