Fighting for freedom:
Where next for the Conservative Party

Yesterday a group of CfLers joined the Centre for Policy Studies’ 40th birthday celebrations at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty.

The conference brought together notable conservatives and libertarians from the UK and further afield, including our own President Daniel Hannan MEP.

Some of us take it for granted that Conservatives love Liberty, but this strength of feeling can sometimes give way to complacency.

When she fought for freedom Margaret Thatcher changed the political debate, and today we must honour her legacy by continuing that fight for freedom.

The ‘Westminster bubble’ enjoys the presence of a number of fabulous right wing and free market think tanks, including the CPS. But what about wider politics? What about the Conservative Party?

That’s where we come in. Conservatives for Liberty stands tall as proud Conservatives who think our party is the most natural home for classical liberals and libertarians.

Please support us. Whether you are a Conservative already, or a libertarian who would like to see a Conservative Party you could feel at home in: sign up and make your voice heard.

We’ll also be supporting Lord Saatchi’s #ThePolicy – as well as calling for the deregulation needed for entrepreneurs to fully thrive.