A General Election, for Liberty

Following the Prime Minister’s election announcement last Tuesday, Conservatives for Liberty have wasted no time getting into full election mode.

While we have frequently voiced concerns about some elements of Theresa May’s programme, we have consistently believed that she is the best-placed to lead the country through the process of leaving the EU, and for the next five years. And as Conservatives, we will always support Conservative and Unionist Party candidates.

We will shortly be publishing a campaign guide for our supporters which will signpost them to constituencies where they can campaign for like-minded Conservatives. A mini-manifesto which we hope will keep liberty on the agenda throughout the campaign will also be forthcoming.

What can you do now?

  • Write for our blog as the election unfolds
  • Sign up to our mailing list be kept up-to-date to with our campaign events
  • Keep an eye on the #GE4L hashtag where we’ll be voicing our views
  • Get out and campaign – elections are won on the ground, not online!


Neil Wilson is CfL Campaigns Director. Follow Neil on Twitter: @libertyneil

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