The hypocrisy of #IDSmustgo:
Segregation good. Welfare reform bad.

What a relief! Normal service was resumed on social media today as the lefty twitter bubble launched a vicious string of attacks on the baby-eating devil incarnate Iain Duncan Smith. Apparently he’s been personally doing the rounds with a mobile gas chamber and executing disabled people. Who knew?

Iain Duncan Smith should resign, says segregation enthusiast Jeremy Corbyn. The hashtag #IDSmustgo is trending strongly.

The cause of the latest mass hissy-fit are figures that show 2380 people died in just over two years – between December 2011 and February 2014 – after being found fit to work under the government’s disability benefit tests. Left wing campaigners have of course seized on this as irrefutable evidence that those vile Tories want to exterminate the poor and disabled.

Never mind that welfare reform is helping hundreds of thousands of men and women escape from soul-crushing welfare dependency by encouraging them to find work. Never mind that thousands commit suicide every year as a result of unemployment. Never mind that today’s information release shows that overall deaths among benefits claimants fell dramatically over ten years between 2003 and 2013.

No. These inconvenient facts don’t matter to the keyboard crusaders of the left – because they don’t support their desperate, politically-motivated attempt to link welfare reform to mass suicide and smear an innocent man.

The same campaigners reacted quite differently when Marxist messiah Jeremy Corbyn called for gender-segregated trains a few days ago.

You could almost hear the screech of rubber on tarmac as impeccable ‘progressives’ performed u-turn after u-turn to defend their man. First they said it was ‘only a policy suggestion’. Then they said it was necessary to tackle the UKs systematic ‘rape culture’. Then they went back to claiming Corbyn had said nothing of the kind.

That so-called ‘progressives’ are now backing the very thing their parents and grandparents marched against is baffling. Segregation was a bad idea in twentieth century South Africa and the southern United States. It is a bad idea in twenty-first century Britain.

If women need to be ‘protected’ by being kept out of sight then why not simply oblige every woman to wear a sack over her head? After all, it works in Saudi Arabia, right? And why stop at women? Why not have separate railway carriages for blacks, gays and Jews as well?

Feminists used to assert that a woman is in every way the equal of a man. Now they argue that women must be ‘protected’ from the wandering eyes and hands of a generation of men-who-rape. Liberals used to insist that all human beings are equal. They now turn a blind eye to institutional racism and sexism by non-white ‘communities’ in the name of multiculturalism.

The tribunes of the New Left believe that universal freedom is dangerous as it permits ‘exploitation’. Therefore freedom is to be taken away from the ‘powerful’ and given to those they identify as ‘powerless’.

The sheer hypocrisy of the twitter warriors’ campaign against IDS is obvious to everyone except themselves. Iain Duncan Smith helps millions back into work: Unacceptable! Sack him! Jeremy Corbyn wants to bring back segregation: Good fellow, let’s make him Labour leader!

But then, hypocrisy is nothing new to the tyranny-endorsing, terrorist-supporting, freedom-hating, Starbucks-drinking, deeply intolerant professional ‘activists’ of the left. In their minds they are self-evidently the ‘good guys’, whilst conservatives are somewhere between the Dark Lord Sauron and Myra Hindley.

It’s almost as if they needed to change the story. After all, ‘nasty right winger murders disabled people’ sounds a lot better as a headline than ‘Labour leadership contender wants to bring back segregation’.