It is patently absurd that a substance that can help a sick child is banned


Billy Caldwell went 300 days without epileptic seizures thanks to medicinal cannabis oil. Since his cannabis oil was seized at customs he has had five. This is madness.

Thanks to the quick actions of Sajid Javid the Home Office granted a 20-day licence for the use of the banned substance, stabilising Billy’s condition.

His mother, Charlotte, said: “The fact that Billy has been discharged is testimony to the effectiveness of the treatment and underlines how vital it is that every child and every single family affected in our country should have immediate access to the very same medication.”

It is patently absurd that a substance that can help a sick child is banned, it has nothing to do with misuse of drugs as we’re not talking here about a psychoactive substance here. In hospitals up and down the country patients are being given pain relief using powerful opiates, but the medical use of cannabis is banned. It’s illogical and cruel. This is a matter of health policy, not criminal justice.

Billy Caldwell’s cannabis oil treatment will run out by the end of June unless the government allows his mother to import more. There is no good reason not to legalise its use.

There must be an urgent and rapid review of policy to allow for a Licensing scheme for medicinal cannabis use, managed by the Department for Health, to allow sufferers of epilepsy to get the treatment they need.

The government has claimed that cannabis has no medicinal benefits, despite the evidence in front of their eyes. Despite this the UK the UK is the biggest exporter of medicinal Cannabis in the world. What a bizarre situation.

As ever, tone deaf Theresa May is slow to understand the seriousness of the issue, both as a basic matter of principle and morality, and a matter of politics. Sajid Javid repeatedly tried to raise the issue in Cabinet this morning, only to be told by the PM that it wasn’t on the agenda. Another reminder that the illiberal Maybot is a hindrance to the Conservative Party.

Luckily an increasingly confident Sajid Javid is growing in stature and beginning to flex his muscles in the Home Office, showing an intrinsic understanding of how important this issue is.