“We would have been for Parliament in 1642, for the Revolution in 1688, for reform in 1832, for Gladstone against Disraeli. We believe that decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the people they affect and that decision-makers, wherever practicable, should be elected.”

– Daniel Hannan

Conservatives for Liberty is an independent campaign group, founded in March 2013, aimed at promoting libertarian, socially liberal and free market ideas amongst Conservatives in the UK. We believe capitalism, individualism, low taxation and minimal state interference are conducive to the greatest freedom, happiness and prosperity of mankind, and that these values are best pursued within the Conservative Party.

We believe history has shown the Conservative Party to be at its best at its most radical – whether in repealing the Corn Laws, extending the franchise, equalising suffrage between men and women, slashing taxes, liberalising the economy or democratising trade unions.

We are a broad church within the liberal and libertarian wings of the Conservative Party and believe that many current Party policies are a step in the right direction. However, we will continue to campaign for lower taxes, deregulation of the economy and personal responsibility to greater spread liberty and prosperity in the UK.

You can help by becoming a member, pledging your support or applying to join our committee.