Modern-day witch hunts: Saying you’re not a
feminist is like confessing to worshipping Satan

If you don’t like Sex and the City then you’re dumb, I hate you, and you have no place on this planet.

That statement is about as meaningful and useful as saying ‘I’m totally a Charlotte’, however, just change the words ‘Sex and the City’ to ‘Feminism’ and you’ve got yourself the thought process of an entire army. After Sarah Jessica Parker came out of the closet as a non-feminist, feminists around the world took to the internet, pitch fork in hand, to show her what she’s missing. What appears to be an entire generation with hearing problems who misheard ‘I’m not a feminist’ for ‘I worship Satan and eat babies for breakfast’ actually was just a really annoying group of females calling her ‘dumb’ and a ‘traitor’ while they sat, most likely, in their shrine to Hilary Clinton and Lena Dunham. Sarah Jessica Parker’s probably trying to run faster than her Louboutin’s will let her.

Ironically, the people who consider themselves to be the most accepting group of people on this earth really struggle to accept that sometimes people disagree with them. Shock waves were sent to their feminist radars (I picture a life size cut out of Ellen DeGeneres whose eyes flash red when a woman makes a sandwich) when she said ‘I don’t think it’s just women anymore’.

‘What? Is she insane? The T-shirt I bought from that Beyoncé concert says it is!’

They’re confused, they don’t understand how a women in 2016 could possible think that us females are doing okay. Considering that in the UK 1 in 3 domestic abuse victims are male, yet there are only 17 male safe houses and over 400 female safe houses across the country, I’d have to say I agree with her. In America sexual assault victims are almost equal in numbers when it comes to gender with 1.270 million women and 1.267 million men claiming to be victims of sexual violence. However, almost 80% of sexual assaults investigated by police are against women.

Although it seems like SJP was just having a little chat with Cosmopolitan she actually raises a very important issue that has of course been slashed down by feminists. Men’s voices are much quieter than women’s in the modern world. Scared to face the twitter army that SJP seemed to have unleashed, the rest of the world shapes themselves to fit in with the feminists. Safe houses are much more accessible to women than men; the education system is based around the female mind as statistically males mature slower and find it more difficult to sit for long periods of time; and all female quotas have taken over job vacancies and political positions, all to keep some bra burners happy and quite.

It’s time this ‘movement’ takes along hard look at itself. Long gone are the days of chaining themselves to Parliament gates and jumping in front of horse. A new era has arrived with its own issues that doesn’t require angry tweets from girls with nothing better do on their summer break from feminist studies. Take a page out of Carrie’s book, strap on some heels, put on a bit of lippy, and let My Big hold the door open for you once in a while.

Eva Henderson is a second year Law and English Literature student at Bangor University, Yorkshire lass, and proud former chambermaid.

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