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In defence of Russia

I was taught to hate Russians. My grandparents, on both sides of the family, were solidly patriotic Ukrainians and, although they arguably suffered more at the hands of the Nazis (they all did forced labour in Germany), it was the Soviets who occupied their homeland. The stories they told us […]

by × August 22, 2013 ×

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The ‘We Own It’ fallacy

Some who have explored the internet recently may have happened upon what appears to be the left’s latest project, entitled ‘We Own It’. At first glance, the website appears to be as creative as it is factually dubious, with the homepage alone riddled with statements that simply don’t stand up […]

by × August 13, 2013 ×

Foreign Affairs, Liberty

Snowden, Moscow and American

By Thomas Pike Stepping out of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport yesterday, Edward Snowdon began the first day of his new life in the Russian Federation. Having been granted asylum, he may now live where he wishes, legally work full-time,and even take up a job offer he’s already received. Issued with a […]

by × August 8, 2013 ×

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Ban this filth! Sex and the Fem-Con Axis

By Tom Roberts The recently announced ‘anti-porn filter’ has revealed how uncomfortable the British political class and, indeed, wider British society is with sex – at least in the public sphere. Britain is infamous for its prudishness amongst our more lax neighbours on the Continent, with popular theories explaining our […]

by × August 7, 2013 ×

Foreign Affairs

The GOP divided: a lesson for Tories

If American news outlets are anything to go by, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Republicans spend more time at each others’ throats than opposing the Democrats. In its latest incarnation, the feud has manifested itself as a war of words between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator […]

by × August 1, 2013 ×


Luke Farookhi: The birth of growth

Luke Farookhi: The birth of growth

by × July 29, 2013 ×

Foreign & Defence

Conflict: conventional force still has a role to play

Conflict: conventional force still has a role
to play

The accumulation of nuclear weapons over the past 60 years has virtually prohibited powerful states from ever going to war with one another again. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) has made it considerably difficult for a state with nuclear weapons capability to attack another state with similar capabilities and still hope […]

by × July 27, 2013 ×

Foreign & Defence

Atomic: The United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent

Atomic: The United Kingdom’s nuclear

The renewal of the United Kingdom’s independent nuclear deterrent has always stirred intense debate over the years. It is no surprise that politicians within the coalition government are at odds with each other over what course to take. The Trident weapons system the UK currently uses will come to the […]

by × July 26, 2013 ×


Put that ruddy light out!

The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health & Food Safety committee sensationally reclassified e-cigarettes as medicinal products this month. The e-cigarette has been instrumental in recent years in aiding thousands of smokers to quit. For those who are unfamiliar with the e-cigarette, it allows the consumer to get their nicotine fix […]

by × July 25, 2013 ×

Law & Order, Liberty

Porn filters are pointless, authoritarian and doomed to failure

Porn filters are pointless, authoritarian
and doomed to failure

By Stephen Hoffman Yesterday I received an email from the Prime Minister, as I’m sure thousands of other Conservative party members did, extolling the virtues of his latest policy. Were I to believe the hyperbole, I would have thought Cameron had declared peace in our time. The truth was a […]

by × July 24, 2013 ×


Go East, young man!

Ever since its inception, the European project has been dominated by a partnership originally inspired by reconciliation but now predominantly borne out of stone cold realism. The Franco-German motor that has driven the European Union has been largely unshakeable. Today they may disagree over macroeconomic policy but in reality they […]

by × July 24, 2013 ×


The EU divorce paper?

The EU divorce paper?

“We need to give serious consideration to how the UK could have a free and prosperous economy outside the EU.” The Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) announced that it was going to award a prize of €100,000 to the lucky participant who came up with the best Brexit (British exit […]

by × July 23, 2013 ×