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Queen’s Speech: A mixed bag

My favourite part of the State Opening of Parliament is always the pageantry. It’s one of the most spectacular things we do in this country and something I’m happy to say I don’t think anyone else quite surpasses. Her Majesty’s speech itself is probably my least favourite bit. Much as […]

by × May 9, 2013 ×


Luke Farookhi: sweeping it under the carpet

Luke Farookhi: sweeping it under the carpet

by × May 7, 2013 ×

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We have the substance – but where’s the

That UKIP has made unprecedented waves in the latest round of local elections should not have come as a surprise to anyone. The party is riding on a wave of anti-government feeling as austerity bites, the Lib Dems’ protest vote evaporates and Labour continues to be an ineffectual opposition with […]

by × May 5, 2013 ×

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The Belgian Connection

Many of you will have your own impression of Brussels. Not so much because you have visited the Belgian capital city, but because of those dreaded initials we often hear in Conservative circles, those letters which invoke suspicion, profligacy and authoritarianism. They run parallel to Voldemort and almost reside within […]

by × April 30, 2013 ×

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Ukip if you want to – the party’s not for

Today’s Tory Diary holds out hope for a future reconciliation with Ukip in the wake of Ken Clarke’s overhyped attack on its candidates and voters and Boris Johnson’s typically optimistic assessment of the purple surge. Andrew Gimson interprets Boris’s words as signifying that Ukip is ‘the lost Tory tribe, and […]

by × April 29, 2013 ×

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America: where racism makes you an
idiot, not a criminal

Possibly one of the most frightening developments of our time is the emergence of the idea of qualified free speech. Those using it are often not intelligent enough to realise it’s an oxymoron while others should simply know better. It always starts the same. “I believe in freedom of speech […]

by × April 28, 2013 ×


Luke Farookhi: Chasing the Dragon

Luke Farookhi: Chasing the Dragon

by × April 26, 2013 ×


Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un with Nuke, Park Geun-hye, Shinzo Abe

Luke Farookhi on the North Korean missile crisis

by × April 23, 2013 ×


Alternative für Deutschland – Germany’s

By Moritz Strittmatter Over the last couple of weeks the rapid emergence of a new political party has made rounds in Germany. The party called Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), ‘an alternative for Germany’ is named after the infamous expression by chancellor Merkel stating that the steps taken to secure the […]

by × April 18, 2013 ×


Luke Farookhi: “We’re all Thatcherites now”

Luke Farookhi: “We’re all Thatcherites now”

by × April 18, 2013 ×


Neither superhuman nor demon but a life

The more realistic we are in assessing Lady Thatcher, the more positive we find we should be, and the more outstanding she and her achievements seem, says Iain Milne. A small, square, largely unnoticed plaque inside York Railway Station testifies to much about the history of modern British governance. Amongst […]

by × April 17, 2013 ×


Conservatives must channel the spirit of Margaret Thatcher

Conservatives must channel the spirit of
Margaret Thatcher

By Cllr Nicholas Rogers Where were you when you heard? I was, of all places, sitting on a sofa in Southampton’s IKEA store. The news, though not surprising, filled me with deep sadness. Margaret Thatcher’s death diminished the world’s stock of greatness in a way that few people’s deaths do. […]

by × April 15, 2013 ×