Pathological altruism: How leftist ideology
harms society


Left-wingers often hark back to a golden age when taxes were high and private enterprise knew its place. In this it is they – not the Tories – that are the real reactionaries, it is the Left that is regressive. There is nothing more sickeningly sanctimonious than a lefty on crusade.

We conservatives deal with the world as it actually exists. Socialists do not concern themselves with such grubby notions. The left are motivated by pathological altruism and idealism. This can lead them to some truly bizarre conclusions. Leftists like to posture as moral and compassionate but many of their ideas are actively harmful.


Nothing has benefited the masses more than global capitalism. Supply and demand fulfil human needs better than anything else. The free market has brought luxuries once enjoyed solely by kings and nobles into the hands of ordinary men and women. Yet anti-capitalists blame it for inequality, poverty and the destruction of the planet. They would blame it for bad weather if they could (oh wait, they do).

Hard left Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell wants to “change” the “unacceptable” nature of capitalism and ultimately “overthrow” it. Historically, rejecting markets has not ended well. Faced with crisis after crisis of their own making, socialist governments either collapse or resort to repression. Communist regimes murdered nearly 100 million of their own citizens in the name of “the people”. They never lacked apologists in the West. Today, many leftists (including the leader of the Opposition) worship the dictatorial police states in Cuba and Venezuela.

The ‘Occupy’ crowd complain that modern capitalism is sustained by bailouts and subsidies. Well, I’ve got news for you. That’s not capitalism and free marketers hate those things too. We need a revolution all right, but socialism is so last century.

Unlimited welfare

Left wing ‘activists’ have turned welfare reform into the centrepiece of their anti-Tory rage fest. Attempts to tackle the handouts free-for-all are caricatured as “heartless”, “cruel” and even “murder”. Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to scrap the benefits cap was greeted with rapturous approval by his legion of online fans.

The ‘compassionate’ welfare state reduces human beings to the status of livestock. It turns them into passive recipients of state handouts. Life on benefits encourages depression and undermines self worth. It undermines the moral basis of society by encouraging family breakdown and illegitimacy.

Oh and the best part? This whole sorry state of affairs costs us a cool £217 billion a year – and that figure is constantly growing. A bargain, really.


The word ‘multiculturalism’, conjures up marvellous visions of tranquil fields where all the peoples of the world join hands and smoke pot together. The reality is pretty much the opposite of that. Multiculturalism is not about bringing people and cultures together. It is about keeping them divided and celebrating their differences. ‘Anti-racism’ campaigners like Diane “divide and rule” Abbott maintain their grip on minorities by keeping them alienated and divided from the rest of society.

Foreign values and customs that we happen to find repulsive – like forced marriage, honour killings and joining ISIS – are excused in the name of toleration. Those who expose inconvenient truths – like political corruption in Asian communities or the abuse of thousands of girls by Muslim gangs – are written off as intolerant bigots. Multiculturalism is mandatory.


Shale gas “fracking” has slashed energy bills in the United States and given the US economy a shot in the arm. Competition from shale has pushed down the cost of oil. You would have thought that principled socialists would be all in favour of cheap energy for the poor? Not so much.

Starting in the late 1960s, environmentalism became a massive influence on the left. Nowhere has this trend been more harmful than in the “fight” against “climate change”. Fossil fuels like shale and oil are the enemy. They must be left in the ground. Poor families and pensioners might have to choose between heating and eating, but leftists get to feel good about “saving the planet”, and isn’t that what really matters?

Bizarrely, many avowed ‘greens’ (including Mr Corbyn) are happy to burn the dirtiest fossil fuel of them all. Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Genetic modification

The GM revolution has the potential to dramatically increase crop yields. This is obviously a good thing for millions of poor and hungry people around the world. Yet the green left oppose their use. Green groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have repeatedly held up GM development. Millions have starved unnecessarily even though the science exists to feed them.

Money printing

The Bank of England has printed £375 billion since the financial crisis hit in 2008. This extra money has helped to inflate a new stock market bubble and drive house prices into the stratosphere. ‘Peoples quantitative easing’ – the centrepiece of ‘corbynomics’ – would turn the Bank of England into a magical socialist money tree. The government would fund its deficit spending by printing money instead of borrowing it.

Money printing is always a stupid idea. Printing money to fund the day-to-day running of anything left wingers consider to be a “public service” is an even worse one. Unlimited money-printing has always ended badly. In Revolutionary France, Weimar Germany and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, millions were plunged into poverty as their money became worthless. Naturally, ‘this time’ will always be different.