Political Feminism is condescending and doesn’t work

Feminism as a political ideology is a condescending failure

I can’t help but savour the delicious sense of irony in Labour’s continued failure to cobble together a female leader. In fact, I erupted with laughter when UKIP, the plonkers that they are, beat them to that feminist milestone last week. Why is it such a struggle for the bastions of social justice to attract an electable woman? They ought to boast more talent in the field than the rest of us put together.

Instead, the party membership has outright rejected all four women that have ever stood in a leadership contest. And for this year’s vote to challenge Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP’s opted for a man who wants ISIS “round the negotiating table” – one ‘Owen Smith’ – over certified woman and party grandee Angela Eagle.

Now, being overlooked in favour of ‘oily’ Owen Smith is always going to be deeply insulting, but it’s not too surprising in the case of our Ange. She has absolutely zero charisma, her voice is reminiscent of a screeching kettle, and she failed to put forward a single coherent policy throughout her fleeting campaign. ‘Less of an eagle, more of a pigeon’, was my lasting impression of her pitch. Her becoming Labour leader might’ve been a boon for political feminism but it wouldn’t have saved the party in 2020.

Yet this nondescript bird is a shining example of the Labour Party’s senior stateswomen. She and her sisters are the products of ‘positive’ discrimination, victimhood culture and regressive, third-wave feminist propaganda. Throughout their careers, they have been insulated, fast-tracked and spoonfed porridge-brained misandry like it’s going out of fashion. The outcome, of course, is a glut of women that are totally unfit to hold power.

After all, it’s very telling that even Labour’s foot-soldiers cannot bring themselves to back these candidates, but who in their right mind can blame them? The wider electorate is bound to snub anyone who perpetuates the fallacious ‘gender pay gap’, and what sort of matriarch would lower themselves to the level of standing on an all-women shortlist? Neither Margaret Thatcher nor Theresa May would have countenanced such flagrant, condescending drivel.

Indeed, whilst Thatcher was a Marmite figure when it came to policy, very few would question the respect she commanded. Her ability to be diplomatic and fierce in equal measure was forged from a climate of meritocracy, and whilst that non-sexist belief in a level playing field is the antithesis of Labour’s platform, it’s the reason why the Tories are 2-0 ahead.

A female Prime Minister, on the other hand, has never been produced via socialist channels. Sure, Nicola Sturgeon has her glorified parish council, but until the Left see feminism as the glass ceiling that it is, I’m afraid that’s as good as it gets.

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