Election Watch: The latest local by-elections

There were 6 by-elections this week, with 2 Conservative holds and one gain, two Labour holds and one Liberal Democrat Gain.

Overall the picture was fairly neutral for the Conservatives, gaining one seat from and losing one seat to, the Lib Dems, both with very substantial swings.

By far the biggest swing of the night was in Wealden Council, where the Lib Dems took the seat on a staggering 32.6% swing from the Conservatives. The independent standing was the previous Conservative councillor, who forced a by-election after disagreements with his local association, so it is likely that part of the size of the swing was due to local factors and not a Lib Dem resurgence.

Liberals looking to Hellingly for hope should probably take note of what the council looks like after this great victory… RAAAAAAAAAAAAAR1 As for UKIP the picture was generally negative, as they lost vote share in 3 of the 4 wards they stood in.

Results in full







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