Seven ways feminists want to
have their cake and eat it too

Third-wave feminists are well known for telling everyone how strong they are and then hiding behind special treatment provided under the guise of ‘equality’. Here are seven ways that the Member of Parliament for Shipley was absolutely spot on when he said that feminists wanted women to have their cake and eat it too.

1. Wanting to work less and be paid more

That’s right. Because the gender pay gap is a myth of epic proportions. All “studies” that conclude that men and women are paid differently take averages, regardless of career choices, career breaks and lifestyle choices and conclude that men are paid more than women. They earn less over the course of a lifetime sure, but up until the age of 35 they actually earn marginally more. What feminists are asking is for women to be paid more when they are working so the effect that lifestyle choices like looking after children have is neutralised over the course of a lifetime. But obviously that can’t happen. Because of the Equal Pay Act (1970).

2. Having stuff just for women

Feminists like women to have places where only women can go. Their shout. But don’t object when men want the same.

slut-walk-43777558406_xlarge3. Celebrating female sexuality. Classing men’s as a threat

Feminists believe that how you’re dressed should not define how you’re treated. Most sane people agree, even if they laugh off the excesses of Amber Rose’s slutwalk. But men’s sexuality is as threatening. Men’s sexuality can only be defined as rape culture. Men’s sexuality is a weapon of the patriarchy.

4. Resisting the objectification of women. Objectifying men

What else is there to say?


5. Male privilege. Not female privilege.

Feminists believe that men are privileged from birth in virtually all cultures and that this justifies their oppression-mentality. But apparently females have absolutely no advantages in life. It’s easy to argue otherwise. But dare to broach the subject…

6. Designated days Equality apparently demands that women have their own day but that men don’t. Enquire as to why International Men’s Day is never publicised, this is what happens.

If you ask that it’s debated in Parliament then it’s OK for Feminists to laugh at you.

7. Arguing for special dispensation in the justice system

Equality has its downsides too. Just not the bit that feminists seem to want. How about judges send down as many women as they do men for the same crimes, remove marital coercion as a legitimate defence or make women wear prison uniforms like men have to?

Obviously, the suggestion that there is an imbalance in the justice system in favour of women is anathema to the feminist world view. More men are locked up, they say, because they’re just worse people, powered by the social construct of masculinity. So it’s fair. Which begs the question, if the world is geared against women, why not in this instance?

And finally…

While it would be nice to think that most of these complete and utter contradictions amount to a mere culture war waged solely on the internet and in university discourse, the sad truth is that this utter nonsense is taken seriously, or at least accepted meekly and without scrutiny. The obnoxious nature of culturally Gramscian third-wave feminism has infected everyday life.

The result is a policy vacuum when it comes to the needs of men, with appalling consequences. Research is limited (obviously) but most data suggests that between one in three and one in four victims of domestic violence are male. Some studies place it far higher. Data from the PSNI suggests that one in six men will be the victim of domestic violence, with a 41% increase in reported incidents. But in contrast to female victims, who have, quite rightly, places to go, men are left with limited options. There are a mere 19 bed spaces for male victims in the United Kingdom.

Do third-wave feminists want equality? No. On the contrary, they are quite happy that we have arrived, unwittingly, at a point where policy has confuted simple equality of opportunity, which everyone supports, with institutionalised misandry.

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