Subsidies are always bad.
Subsidies are always immoral.

Since the Referendum, I have been dismayed at seeing angry posts on social media lamenting the loss of subsidies from the European Union. One of the reasons I voted for leaving the EU is because of the Common Agricultural Policy and, for me, it’s demise remains one of the most compelling reasons for dismantling of the EU.

The CAP represents the worst of EU excesses. A hangover from the second World War, the CAP is now redundant and unnecessary, yet persists because of the greed of enfranchised special interest groups. Specifically, because of the way the French elect their President, and the (over-) influence of the French President in the EU, it is politically unthinkable for anyone seeking that position to consider abolishing the subsidies.

The groups that get subsidies are those who are able to lobby for them. Subsidies go to whomever is rich enough to hire lobbyists. In the case of farmers, that means rich European farmers getting money which gives them an unfair advantage over their otherwise worthy competitors in Africa and Asia. All kinds of subsidies are a triumph of the rich and enfranchised over the poor and disenfranchised.

I can think of few things more immoral than making food more expensive for poor people, and in turn, giving tax payer money to rich, enfranchised group at the expense of poor, disenfranchised groups. You can imagine my horror at the suggestion that the loss of subsidies are in any way a bad thing. The availability of such subsidies are what made the EU a rent-seekers wet dream.

Subsidies are always bad and always immoral. Subsidies are a triumph of the rich and enfranchised over the poor and disenfranchised. I am proud that Britain will no longer be a part of the EU’s disastrous policy of subsidising rich farmers at the expense of poor farmers. Any political body that takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich, is one I am proud not to be a part of!

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