Toby Young dives into the grammar school debate on Twitter

This morning there was an announcement by the Prime Minister of a government plan to shake up the educational system and allow schools to become selective. It’s a contentious subject, but Theresa May summed up her reasoning pretty succinctly this morning:

“The truth is that we already have selection in our school system – and it’s selection by house price, selection by wealth. That is simply unfair.”

Toby Young, an outspoken advocate for educational reforms, who even set up his own school under Michael Gove’s free school scheme – the West London Free School, has written a series of tweets on his immediate thoughts on the subject, which we thought were more insightful than much you’ll see reported elsewhere…

(P.S. Toby will also be speaking that our Freedom Fizz drinks reception at Conservative Party Conference this year, so remember to RSVP!).



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